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Because no one is looking for these folks...

Sometimes, I spend a little more time, dig just a little deeper, and examine images of documents a little more carefully when I'm looking for a family.

It's harder when you find a family in peacetime that seems to have husband and wife in different locations for a significant portion of their marriage.

That's what happened with Willard Chapin and Dee Rowland. He was gone to other towns in California, and I think I've found him in Pershing NV in the 1920 census with two male [business] "partners" in or close to a mining camp.

And Dee Chapin was holding down the fort in San Luis Obispo, supporting herself and the couple's 4 and then 5 daughters by running a boardinghouse.

It must have worked for them. They were married for at least 33 years. Dee Chapin died in 1921. I don't know when Willard did.

So I am looking harder at them, trying to account for all the kids (I'm missing one who must have died young and in between census years), and now noting who the kids married, whether they had children, etc.

And no one else is looking for this family. I kid you not.

How can that happen? Will I be the only person who makes information about this family and its subsequent generations available in electronic (or any) form?

Or somewhere, is there some man or woman staring at a box - or twelve - of "stuff" they got when an older relative died, and wondering...

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I guess starting on a family that came from a small, rural part of Canada, I started off not finding people at first who were looking for the same people. I was *stunned* when I found a paternal g grandmother listed in a huge database of Googes/Gooches in the southeast! And I do seem to be the only one making some info available. It's weird, but a nice feeling to know I'll be leaving that for others, too, you know?