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FAG frequent flyers...

Some of the people who send me corrections to records I maintain on Find a Grave just kill me.

They want you to spell names on records the way they want them spelled, instead of what the stone says.

I'm not saying a stone carver couldn't have messed up a stone. In photographing graves for a decade, I have seen a couple of stones that some family member should have bitched about.

Like the one where the dates of birth and death were reversed on the stone. I have a photo of that stone around here on some flash drive, but can't locate it at the moment.

It wasn't at all uncommon for children and/or grandchildren to change a vowel or leave off the last of a double consonant in a surname before we had official identification issued to us by the State.

Sometimes I think a bunch of sibs may have decided to really complicate things for their descendants by a practice of only some of the sibs changing a surname spelling. (Here in the south, I am sure they grinned and said some form of, Hey, watch this shit...)

In my own family, two clans come to mind immediately - my Wharton/Whortons and my Herrington/Harringtons.

So no, I am not changing the spelling on the Evins FAG records in Itawamba Co., MS...

And on Find all Evinses in New Salem Cemetery, and look at that list.
ETA: Now the author of the suggestion has informed me that since I won't change the spelling, she's just duped the record.


(Anonymous) 2013-07-16 01:05 pm (UTC)(link)
I have always listed the name as it is written on the tombstone. The one that always gets to my relatives is "Elanor" when in every other location it is a Eleanor or Elenore. No one seems to mind the other variations, but somehow they don't believe that it could possibly be Elanor - despite the photo I have on Ancestry of her headstone which is located next to her daughter's and husband's graves. She died first, so they purchased the headstone. Funny how riled up people can get about spelling. When I correct my student's spelling, their response is "Whatever."
Interesting side note: When I checked the box to "check spelling" during the preview of this post, I received 66 suggestions for what I meant insted of my name!