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Sepia Saturday 200: She made hats

This is a photo I estimate to be circa 1868-1875 of the millinery shop owned and operated by my great-great grandmother, Mary Emily (Conner) Meek in Grenada Co., MS. (Click here to read more about her.)


From comparing the only known photo I have of her to this one, I think grandmama was the lady seated to the right of the post.

But I can't be sure.

This is a Sepia Saturday post, republished on 26 Oct 2013 for Sepia Saturday 200. Head over there for more wonderful photos.

Great photo

(Anonymous) 2013-10-26 04:58 pm (UTC)(link)
A great treasured photo to use for this special Sepia Saturday 200. When I do research on people and look into the census records, I am always astonished by how many millinery shops were in a small town. Along with cigar shops, these were the special stops for social networking in that era.