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Too early to be car wreck. Buggy accident? House fire? Flu epidemic?

Note the three links on the top of the stone. At least one of them was in the IOOF, in that era more likely both. The Odd Fellows Grand Lodge for the Jurisdiction of Arkansas might have info on them, and so might whichever IOOF and/or Rebekah lodge was active in the Russellville area in 1905 (if it still exists). Their passing would have been recorded in the lodge minutes of their respective lodges, possibly with cause given. If the lodges still exist, you might be able to examine or have the lodge secretaries examine the minute books for 1905. If the lodges no longer exist, the Grand Lodge should have them and may well let you see them. Genealogists looking for data on ancestors contact the Odds all the time for this kind of info, and most Grand Lodges are quite friendly about anything that far back.

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