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Sentimental Sunday: Mary Emily Conner (1837-1913)

This post is not a fond remembrance of my great great grandmother. I can't remember a woman who died 45 years before I was born.


Her grandson, Jo Duffie Williams, was 10 years old when she died. I don't know - and he didn't ever say - if he attended her funeral, held in Sardis, MS.
For years, I wondered where she was buried. Her death certificate gave me the answer, and I created a memorial page for her on Find a Grave.

I made a request for a photo of the stone.

Just a little over two years after I created the memorial, another Find a Grave volunteer got the photo.

Here Lies With Hope in Jesus Christ Her Saviour
Emily Conner Meek Webb

Not only that, but after I thanked him, Larry Hart emailed me all the shots he had taken to get a photo he felt best captured the inscription on the stone which has fallen into the ground after nearly a century. In one of them, you can see that he had to kneel on the grass to get his shots.

He gave me his written permission to use the photos in any way I wished.
The stone is interesting.

The family Bible and her death certificate give Mary Emily Conner's date of birth as 12 Apr 1837. The stone says 1838.

And since her first name isn't on the stone, I wonder if she was called Emily all her life.

This Sentimental Sunday, I am thinking of the great great grandmother I never knew, and a man who knelt patiently in the grass one autumn day to provide her granddaughter a photo of her grave.
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Oh, he does sound wonderful! I'm heartglad he connected with you.

I had a similar experience with a lady up in Grey Co, Ontario. She'd posted some pics of the cemetery my ggg grandparents are buried in, along with a grave she didn't know if was a relative. When I wrote back that it was their eldest daughter, she went back, cleaned the stone more (and unburied a bit of it to check if more of the inscription was still intact) and sent me pictures. AND noticed some disturbed dirt on the other side of my ggg grandfather's stone, investigated, and FOUND my ggg grandmother's stone, in pieces! I was just blown away by her kindness and taking so much time for a stranger. <3