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They didn't live together until later.

This appeared in the local paper on August 22, 1905:


It leaked out yesterday that Genevieve A. Peladeau of Emeryville and John J. Brennan, a well known business man of Berkeley, have been husband and wife for nearly three years. They were married November 9, 1902, and ever since that time have kept their secret safe from relatives and friends.

The fact that the young people are first cousins was the objection urged against their proposed marriage three years ago,when they told their relatives that they were engaged. They did not listen to these objections, however, but sent for a special dispensation from the Pope, which is necessary in the Catholic Church, before cousins can marry. This obtained, they were married in St. Patrick's Church, San Francisco, by the Rev. Father Heslin. The bride then returned to her home, where she has since remained.

Their eldest was born 7 Jan 1906.

John was 30 and Genevieve 33 when they married; their mothers were Teresa and Mary McAvoy, children of Bernard McAvoy and Isabella Gallagher. John's father was James Brennan, my gg grand-uncle and an early settler in Berkeley. Genevieve's father was Guillaume Peladeau, who owned the Beaudry-Peladeau tract in Berkeley, Emeryville, and Oakland, Calif. Both fathers came from Canada (but different areas).

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