Someone wrote in [personal profile] dee_burris 2012-09-12 04:00 am (UTC)

It's really interesting to read the pension files, isn't it, Dee? When you said he got a pension of $50.00 I was thinking that was a lot. My great-great-grandfather got $8.00/month, so I was thinking that your g-g-grandfather was getting $50/month. That amount per year is practically nothing. I was going to suggest you read the book, My Name is Mary Sutter, about a fictional story about a woman who was a nurse during the war. (I wrote a bit of a review of it on my blog.) But then I realized your g-g-grandfather was a prisoner of war and that changes everything. I think the Civil War was gruesome in so many ways.

There were few stories handed down in our family but one would think having an ancestor who served in the Civil War would have been mentioned, but not so. I suspect that many of the survivors didn't talk about their experiences.

Nancy from My Ancestors and Me

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