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Dee Burris Blakley ([personal profile] dee_burris) wrote2012-09-03 11:05 am
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Testing Mocavo...

I've just uploaded selected partial surname GEDCOMS to Mocavo to see if we can get more robust search results.

The only search results I ever seem to get on my ancestors are the Find a Grave memorials I've created.

And I get dupes on those.

ETA: None of my uploads are showing yet.

ETA again: After two days, I sent an email to Mocavo, asking when the GEDCOMS would actually show up in my account settings, so I could name them. I also asked if, since I was giving them free information, anyone would be charged to view it. Here's the reply I got:
I apologize that the tree is not viewable at this point in time. This feature will be up shortly, we are just experiencing a couple bugs right now. We are not charging people to see your information, searching on Mocavo Basic is free.

I waited another day, still couldn't view my own uploads in my account settings, and deleted them.

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