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Dee Burris Blakley ([personal profile] dee_burris) wrote2012-06-16 09:43 am

Sepia Saturday: Hattie Chapin Balding

Unfortunately, I have no photos to go with the theme this week.

So I offer a photo of my great-grandmother, Hattie Chapin Balding, taken in front of the ruins of a Hopi dwelling on a trip to the Grand Canyon in the 1920s.

Before my cousin discovered an old family album, we had no idea our Mema was such a traveler.


This is a Sepia Saturday post. Head over there for other really wonderful old photos.


(Anonymous) 2012-06-18 08:32 am (UTC)(link)
I love this picture.
Were the Hopi a nomadic tribe?
Given this kind of construction, one might believe not.
Can't clearly see but those stones, were they dry mounted,
or is there some kind of mortar holding them?
One could say she was on the doorstep to discovery...