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Dee Burris Blakley ([personal profile] dee_burris) wrote2012-04-22 11:34 am

Who was Belle Webb?

Browsing the 1940 census, and found my great-great grandparents, Jo and Maxie Williams, living at 2310 S Ringo in Little Rock.

This house...

With them was a 76 year old widow, Belle Webb.

Grandma Maxie said Belle was living there on 1 Apr 1935. So Belle was a long time lodger.

I looked in the 1940 Polks Directory for Little Rock. Belle Webb, widow of John T., was listed at 2310 S Ringo.

Now I am very curious.

Maxie's mother, Mary Emily Conner, married Samuel Webb, just two weeks after she divorced Maxie's father in 1871.

I'll have to look for the connection to John T Webb...

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Somehow I lost track of your blog. I thought your posts were just lost in my overly full Google Reader, but when I finally cleaned it out, I realized that I wasn't getting them. Thank goodness I have remedied that situation and added you to my Google Reader again. I have neglected my blog reading for the past six months but find myself drawn in again.