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Haven't been around in a while...

Bless her heart. Nancy at My Ancestors and Me left me a comment in an entry, wondering where I had been and if I was all right.

I had a rollover accident in my SUV on February 22, described in my other blog, here.

The surgery to fix my wrist went well, but then I developed a complication called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, RSD. It's also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, CRPS.

I was referred to a neurologist, who has a God complex to the nth degree, and am now trying to get a referral to another one.

I'm not 100%, and probably will not be for quite a while. Typing is still difficult, although I do manage much better than this time a month ago.

I have also gained an enormous amount of respect for the thousands of people living with chronic pain disorders.

One of the things I haven't been able to do is get out with my camera in cemeteries. I've been back at work since March 12 - 10 days post-op - but have multiple weekly medical appointments including physical therapy 3 times a week. My PT is my hero, because he's the one who saw the beginnings of RSD and galvanized my ortho doc into action.

Thank you, Nancy. I appreciate your concern more than you know.

ETA: Thank you to all the geneabloggers and the grapevine.

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Oh Dee! I'm so sorry. I've been in my own little world and pretty much oblivious but damn - what a challenging couple of months you've had.

Prayers, healing thoughts, best wishes for finding a new doc and all kinds of good thoughts heading your way. I've a pincushion I've used this last year when I REALLY needed to get someone out of our lives that I can haul out if you wish. It's certainly not the kindest way of changing physicians, but it works!

Wish I were just a couple hundred miles further south. I'd bring dinner. Heal. We'll be here when you're up to it.