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Dee Burris Blakley ([personal profile] dee_burris) wrote2010-11-27 08:53 am

Bits and Pieces: Miss Mary Bond

This is one of the many photos of people unrelated to me that are falling out of the Williams family photo album.


Unlike others, this one IS labeled.

On the front, it says Miss Mary Bond.

On the back, it says 1876. This is the lady who started me in Art needlework.

The album belonged to my great grandparents, Jo Desha Williams and Maxie Leah Meek. In 1876, Maxie was 7 years old. Her mother, Mary Emily Conner, had re-married in 1871, in Grenada County, MS. By 1880, the family lived in Pope Co., AR.

So the photo could have have been acquired in either location - I don't know where Miss Mary Bond lived. The photo was taken by John A Scholten of St Louis, and two addresses for his studios are listed on the back of it.

I'd love to re-unite the photo with the family of Miss Mary Bond.

Maxie obviously put more than just Williams family photos in the album. Although I'm told Grandma had many sterling qualities, labeling her photographs was not one of them...

Note to self...
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[personal profile] oakmouse 2010-11-28 01:36 am (UTC)(link)
I feel your pain! My grandmother needed help in that regard as well. I have one photo of my grandfather with an unknown older couple which is labeled on the back, in pencil, "RJ and wife". My grandfather wasn't RJ, so that must have been the other man in the picture, and thus presumably the woman was his wife.

That photo's well-labeled by my grandmother's usual standards...

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I'm sure Maxie planned all her life to get around to that...