Someone wrote in [personal profile] dee_burris 2012-02-08 03:21 am (UTC)

From the title of your post I was guessing that you were unable to find the family Bible you knew was somewhere. (Which is something I've done, though not with a family Bible, and have had to search and search - without finding it - and then finally forgetting what I was searching for, only to find it two months later, unexpectedly.)

What an amazing Bible you have, no matter that it's condition is less than perfect. The family pages are beautiful. How very sad that the first entry for a death is their little daughter.

I'm sure you've held that Bible in your hands before but isn't it amazing when we see it as a family historian and as a descendant of someone we love. It changes everything.

Thanks for sharing the pages with us, Dee.

Nancy from My Ancestors and Me

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