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Ruth's Story...Part 2

With much thanks to my cousin, we have some photos from a scrapbook Ruth kept of travels of the Balding clan to several states in the United States, beginning in the roaring 20s.

Before my cousin and I spoke by phone about my plan to write this series of blogposts about Ruth, I never knew the album existed or that the Balding family had taken these vacations.

Neither had my cousins, or my sister. None of us can recollect our grandmother, who went on many of these trips, saying a word about them.

The photos provide a rare glimpse of our Balding family taking pleasure in travel, and in each other's company.
One question I had was - how did the family afford to travel? My remembrances of discussions with my grandmother focused on how tight finances were for the Baldings. Ruth and her father supported the family with their jobs.

My theory about how they were able to travel is connected to Pop Balding's job. In 1904, Victor Balding began working for the railroad as a telegrapher. He advanced to chief telegrapher, and worked for the railroad for 38 years, until his retirement in 1942, just three years before his death.

I think it was likely that, as a perk of Victor's job, he and his family were able to travel by train either at greatly reduced fares, or perhaps, free.

Ruth, 1922. Photo was captioned, "Sweet 19."

Ruth (r) and her friend, Anita (l). Photo, 1922

Doris Geneva Balding. Photo circa 1923-1924.

Russell Ellington (Linky) and Marvin Parrish Balding. Photo circa 1923.

Hattie Chapin Balding.

Hattie playing in the ocean,. Photo circa 1925.

Harassing the wildlife. Photo circa early 1920s

Sombreros on Russell (Linky), Murnie and Vera.

Ruth, Santa Monica CA, July 1926

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