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Sympathy Saturday: Victor Claude Balding, 1874-1945

This is the obituary for my great grandfather, who got a patent for a toy he made.
V C Balding, Retired Telegrapher, Dies.

Victor C Balding, aged 70, retired telegrapher for the Missouri Pacific Lines, died at his home at 217 Denison street at 8 Tuesday night. He had been employed by the railroad for 38 years and retired three years ago. He was a member of the Second Presbyterian church and Albert Pike Lodge No. 714 Masons. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Hattie C Balding of Little Rock; three sons, Lt. Eugene V Balding of Camp Maxey, Tex.; R Ellington Balding of Alice, Tex., and Sgt. Marvin P Balding of Fort Leonard Wood, MO; four daughters, Mrs. W N Brandon, Mrs. Joe D Williams and Mrs. John H Fox of Little Rock and Miss Vera Balding of Spokane, Wash., and four grandchildren. Funeral arrangements will be announced by Ruebel & Company.

Published on Wednesday, 10 Jan 1945, in the Arkansas Gazette
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Miss Vera Balding. Do you know where in Spokane she lived, and when and where she died? Because that name is oddly familiar. (Is she the female relative of yours we already talked about, who died in a small town in Eastern WA and was a Rebekah?)
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Hmmm, probably not somebody I or my family knew, then; she was gone before we got there. Her name sounding familiar may just be one of those random echoes.