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Dee Burris Blakley ([personal profile] dee_burris) wrote2011-12-11 10:25 am

It was a beautiful day for graving...

And I had seen this cemetery once before, as I was in Hempstead County on business.

So I had to stop for a few minutes.

Rose Hill Cemetery, Hope, Hempstead County, AR.


I drove into the middle of the cemetery, where the older stones were.

I've been doing my data entry on FAG and posting photos of the stones.

The graves of many members of the McRae family were all lined up together.

I think I found a twin brother and sister.

Kenneth Gilbert McRae, born 24 April 1830 in Anson Co., NC.

Mary Ann (McRae) Patterson, born 24 April 1830 - wife of Rev. M A Patterson

Now I am imagining an extended family moving west into Arkansas.

Kenneth Gilbert McRae married his wife, Julia Chester, in Union County. They had several children, one of whose graves I photographed.

It seems the McRae and allied families settled in Hempstead County where they lived out their lives.
I could have stayed all day, but duty called.

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