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For Joseph Dannash and Gizella Bercsényi, who married on 4 Sep 1899 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH.

 photo DienesBercsenyimarriagepagecrop.jpg

This record shows the names - as best as they were understood at the time - of both sets of parents.
A Find a Grave volunteer who created Gizella's memorial did some excellent research that allowed me to finally connect some dots - back to the Old Country. Hungary to be specific.

The variant spellings of both surnames make research next to impossible challenging to say the least.

As I have looked at this couple I've found the following variant spellings.
Dannash, Dannish, Danish, Dienes, Diennes
Bercsényi, Beresényi, Bercheny

I'm going to use the spelling on Gizella Dannish's death certificate as the primary surname spelling for that generation. I already know some of Joseph and Gizella's kids spelled the surname Diennes and Danish - split 50/50 from among them.

 photo GizellaBercsenyiDienesdeathcert.jpg

And now I found Gizella's parents.

I love it when this happens.


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