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2013-10-01 11:02 am
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Oh my...Find a Grave has been acquired by Ancestry...

And the FAG message board users are not happy.

One is particularly in a snit, and threatening to take all her photos down. (See this thread in The Lounge, and I don't know if you have to be logged in to view it.)

They are using all the symbols on their keyboards to indicate how large their individual snits are.

This thread was locked immediately.

 photo fagacquiredbyancestry.jpg

Here's a news release, posted yesterday by Ancestry.

 photo Ancestryblog.jpg

Jim Tipton didn't let his members know about this - Ancestry did.
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2012-10-25 09:50 pm

In case you hadn't heard...

Oh, goodie gumdrops...

I think.

I guess.

Ancestry seems to be pretty excited about it.

From Genealogy Insider blog, the news that Ancestry finally found a private buyer.

There are no anticipated changes in’s operating structure. will remain headquartered in Provo, Utah, with a continued large presence in San Francisco, Dublin, London and other international markets.
Except maybe a price hike on subscriptions?

Maybe not immediately.

But you hide and watch...
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2012-10-22 08:37 pm

Okay, this chaps me...

An Ancestry tree owner has copied and pasted wholesale from one of my blog entries as a "story" on his/her tree.

I've posted a comment on the "story" and notified legal at Ancestry...
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2011-07-27 06:42 pm
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*Ahem*...Yo, Ancestry...

Is there some legit reason we cannot have Hungary as a country on the picker for where someone was born?

I mean, just sayin'...
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2011-07-03 12:41 pm

Catching up on my reading and made a find...

I get emails regularly from all my subscription genealogy research services.

Ancestry sent me one last month that I just set aside, so I went to read it today.

Come take a look, they said, at the new records we have in the passport applications.

So I did.

Lookie what I found.

My granddaddy's passport application. He was assisted by the US Consulate in Panama to get an emergency passport, since he had already been living Panama for over a year. (Don't know if that was an oopsie or not.)


I guess passport photos have always looked really serious...


Dad says he thinks the 500 Long Street address is now Phoenix Avenue in Russellville.