rainbow: photo of my cat Binx on the top of the cat tree (binx)
All the Colours of the Me ([personal profile] rainbow) wrote2015-04-12 07:43 pm

kitty things

feral probably mama-to-be cat is getting a little braver. now when she sees us through the window she sometimes sauuuuunters away from the food bowl instead of darting. progress!

i suspect that (unlike dragon but very like luna) she is a fearless hunter. she was under the steps yesterday when a mourning dove stopped by to eat and there was this suddnely flurry of kitty-exploding-onto-porch. mourning dove was fast and unscathed.

dragon is very taken with her, and she is fine with him as well. they willshare a bowl of food and take turn shoving each other out of the way.

i was cleaningout a drawer today and found a cat toy that's a wooden handle, bit of springy wire, and a sort of rubbery flattened pompom on the end. before ihad it unfurled, isis was on high alert, and as soon as i started to play with her, i also got binx, sam, and min, all very intent and interested. <3

and then when i had to put it up to rest a bit i learned an important lesson: put it up where binx cna't get it, or i will have to crawl under the bed to rescue it after he's taken it there :x