Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 01:43 am
it's been a busy time in the garden lately, although not all the work has been mine.

i gave away all the berry plants to local folks (strawberries, blueberries, boysenberries, raspberries, honeyberries) because i can't eat them any more (autoimmune trigger) and now i have about 80 sq ft of garden reclaimed! ♥

the biggest area is where the canes were -- 6 huge boysenberries and a solid 8x6' patch of raspberries.

the lovely folks who took those all cut back and dug out a bunch of stray blackberries in the same spot, which inspired me to sit out there and get the area weeded -- i've got it cleared almost all the way from the porch to the apple tree, about 25'

i pulled out all the giant catmint from the front planting bed and planted it elsewhere; it's great for pollinators but really *really* doesn't need the deep loam there. so it's in heavy clay where it will also thrive. the chives that were with the catmint have been moved to the edge of the bed where they're more accessible. still need to move the savoury, and i have some lovely yarrow that needs a more clay-ey spot to thrive, so i'll be moving it.

one of the beds that was filled with strawberries i rebuilt a bit. it's edged in cinder blocks (we're on a slope)and when i did it years ago it was wider than what i really wanted. so now the pathway to the north of it is more usable and the dirt inside the raised area is a bit deeper.

and today in that bed i planted my purple peas. last year i saved seed but forgot to ever put it up, so it was in a bowl in the plate cupboard all year. every seed sprouted! they're about 3" tall with roots about 6" long. i have a wire frame work over them so if when we have another frost, i can cover them in plastic.

i was going to plant some early seeds outside today, but ran out of spoon early on after tripping.

but it looks better than it's looked in years and i'm so pleased!

i had to laugh at myself the other day -- not much is blooming yet aside from the flowering pink currant and grape hyacinths and i was worried about the bees -- and then i noticed the bank of wild plum 100' away, covered in blossoms. i think the bees will be fine. and if the rain knocks off all the flowers before there are move, i'll start putting out sugar water.
Friday, March 20th, 2015 05:04 pm
hi! i'm autistic! if you're reading this -- especially if you love me or someone else autistic -- pleasepleaseplease read all of this, especially if you have no idea why i'm against autism speaks. please?

it's gearing up to austism acceptance month.

have some related qs&as

1. what's wrong with autism speaks?
a. a whole lot of autistic people have answered that better than i can. here are two great links:

2. are there other groups that are good to support?
a. yes! asan is great.
and the autism women's network:
and pacla:

3. but what about prevention? what about a cure?
a. the only way to prevent autism is to screen pre-natally and abort. there is no way to cure something that is a neurological difference. for those reasons focusing on prevention and cure is eugenics.

4. puzzle pieces, yay or nay. we're all puzzles, after all.
a. the puzzle piece was explicitly designed to represent the "something missing" autistic people were assumed to have. it's not a benign symbol. it's been actively used to define autistic people as broken.

5. lighting it up blue is good, right?
a. only if you support autism speaks and their agenda. and if you do, please go back to #1 and read the links. and read some of the links those links have.

6. what about the twizzler thing?
a. if you're raising money for local groups that actually help autistic people, great. if you're raising money for autism speaks, please go back to #1.