holiday wish list 2015

Nov. 29th, 2015 03:46 am
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happy holidays! here is my wish list:

1) donations for my sweet jacky cat's
end of life vet bills
; he died in august of brain cancer, just like his mama did 2 years earlier. any amount helps!

2) gift cards for groceries from winco foods, fred meyer, or safeway. i would love to be able to get some treat foods for solstice, like a turkey and some cranberries and a pumpkin. ♥ (a small turkey without additives or preservatives (which i'm allergic to) is about $35, which is a WEEK's worth of cat food for 6 cats o.O )

3) anything from my amazon wishlist (which is mostly kitty stuff and blankets ^_^ ) or amazon gift cards. canned friskies pate (and only friskies pate; the other varieties (like shreds and tresures) and most brands have gluten) is the highest priority. any flavours.

4) if you have geeky friends with cats, tell them about my shops at StarCATS at storenvy and/or Starfire Sundries at etsy? i design and make geeky artisan cat toys stuffed with organic catnip and organic sheeps wool. (catsis: cats across time and space in style)
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all the kitty toys:

some toys (and also a digitised santa face stocking pattern from the 60s and digital files for making the doctor ornaments i made last year from my paintings):

i want to do a doctor who themed tree again this year. this was the one from last year.

i need to print out lots more art work and get out my paints and glitter <3 MORE ORNAMENTS!


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