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StarCATS Cat Toys Halloween Pre-order Sale!

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On sale through tonight (midnight west coast USA) at $7 each plus postage (reg. $8.50 plus shipping), payable via paypal.

You can msg me (here or on facebook) to place your order or pay directly through paypal (chris at starfire-studio dot com).

Postage: $2 for 1-2 toys; $3 for 3-4 toys.

See more at https://www.facebook.com/StarCATStoys
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pre-order sale on halloween starcats cat toys. $7 each plus shipping (regularly 8.50 each)

includes halloween fish, candy bat, pumpkin, witch's hat, wizard's hat, van gogh bat, and van gogh witch's hat.

starcats toys' fronts are printed on spoonflower cotton twill; the back is organic cotton twill. they're stuffed with organic sheeps wool, organic catnip, and love.

you can message on the facebook page or here with what you'd like and your email, and i'll send you a paypal invoice.


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