Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 06:23 am
This little abandoned cemetery is located off Highway 26 West, just east of Hollywood.

I understand there are probably about 50 graves, but time and nature have reclaimed many monuments and original wooden markers.

 photo Stroud - Williams Mattie.jpg
Mattie Malcom Williams, 1874-1914
 photo Stroud - Rowe Euel Dow.jpg
Euel Dow Rowe, 1900-1907
 photo Stroud - Green Thomas F.jpg
Green Thomas F Malcom, 1855-1884
 photo Stroud - Malcom Susan Amelia Street.jpg
Susan Amelia Street Malcom, 1817-1899
 photo Stroud - Malcom Green Anderson.jpg
Green Anderson Malcom, 1819-1896
 photo Stroud - Malcom Benjamin Franklin.jpg
Benjamin Franklin Malcom, 1839-1930
 photo Stroud - Stubier.jpg
Doug Stubler, 1949-2010