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Dragonfly ([personal profile] dragonfly) wrote in [community profile] genealogy2015-03-26 01:10 pm

52 Ancestors challenge Week 12 "Same"

Back before the internet was useful for genealogy research, I was in college with friends who were largely uninterested in genealogy, though I was, and had been since I was a small child. Knowing my interest, one friend, N, mentioned that her grandfather had done a careful recreation of all his lines back to when they weren't in the U.S. anymore. He had printed it up in manuscript form and given a copy to all his grandchildren. She had hers in the back of a closet, and would I like to see it? Yes, of course I would! Read more... )
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Dragonfly ([personal profile] dragonfly) wrote in [community profile] genealogy2015-03-19 02:32 pm

52 Ancestors challenge Week 11 "Luck o' the Irish"

Last week I blogged about my Irish ancestor who survived the wreck of The Faithful Steward. That was lucky for him, but the 190 or so people who died in that wreck were all Irish -- not the lucky ones, apparently. In fact, when I look at history, "luck" of the Irish seems almost ironic.
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Tonight's code push is now complete! As always, please report any issues here.

(We're particularly interested in issues with HTTPS browsing; we're getting closer to ironing out all the bugs, but we know it's still not perfect.)

EDIT: If you're not getting the inline reply form -- if you're getting redirected to another page to comment -- please clear your cache and then restart your browser.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're coming to report an entry in your journal not displaying properly, and there's a <table> in the entry (or you're reporting a problem with your journal displaying properly and there's an entry with a <table> somewhere visible on the page): please check the entry's source and make sure the HTML of the table is constructed properly. We've made a change to our HTML cleaner to be more strict about missing tags and tags that were closed in a different order than they were opened. Most of the display problems people have reported have been because a table in an entry was missing closing </td>/</tr>tags!