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Today failed to have the focus i'd need to fight the procrastination blues. It started out well enough: the new "workflow" form to do one's self assessment leads to minimal reflection and review so i slammed that out without much thinking. (Given the imposter-syndrome-like thoughts this week, i don't know that reflection would go well.)

Next was the check-in which was tripping along until i saw a message from a colleague to our local office: a friend of mine and her co-worker had been laid off. Well, it's not quite May (our usual period for layoffs at the company) but it's pretty close. Last fall, i was planning on hanging on to life in California until this friend retired (and i would be close to completing my role as clerk within meeting).

This is another sign.

The persons i was closest to in this condo complex are gone. The used bookstore is in retreat, closing this weekend and moving somewhere with cheaper rent. Who knows what county that will be in? Our favorite pet supply store is closing. The colleague in the office who i worked most closely with is gone. And now my dear friend in the office is gone.

--== ∞ ==--

Our mortgage has been approved. I had no doubts -- i think we are buying well within our means -- but i'm not sure that is why i was underwhelmed at the news. "That's checked off," was probably my reaction. I suspect many of my emotions are not finding their way out. I suspect there's grief at leaving California. I'll probably have a few good cries in Yosemite.

And sooner or later i need to see if my camera has survived the Death Valley drop into dust and what ever was going on with the battery.
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ZOMG a busy day.

Dayjob was busy busy busy today but tonight I'm going to the gym and then I have three days off after my weekend. Yay.
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[food] overengineered chocolate chip cookies

for my own records, more than anything else...

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linkspam is grateful it's Friday

So, yet another delayed compilation.

Argh, yes, this a thousand times. When I picked up my last bicycle, the guy in the shop kept steering me towards the pink and purple helmets, and it was like pulling teeth to get a black one to try on.

Oh, yeah: 33 Things I hate about this Election. SO TRUE.

This is one of the most amazing/horrifying stories I've seen recently. I guess this is how conspiracy theorists get made?

This article about bassist Carol Kaye reminds me I need to watch that documentary about The Wrecking Crew (even if that wasn't really their name!).

OMG this looks like the best thing ever. Daveed Diggs as Hobbes! ::loves::

Chernobyl, 30 years later. Jeez.


In other news, I finally watched Steven Universe and OMG Peridot is basically Rodney McKay. ::facepalm:: Anyway, how long until the next season? I am totally hooked.

I also watched Over the Garden Wall last weekend, and that was lovely.

I'm also finally watching Man in the High Castle and it's pretty interesting, even if I can't quite tell what's going on half the time. I think a lot of spycraft is too subtle for me. (I would be a terrible espionage agent, I'm just saying.)

ok, and now to bed.
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Hooray for Major Non-Profit

This morning I was wrestling about going to work at CarRental Company. Decided the energy here was roiled enough that I should do some setting it to rights and so wasn't going in.

Then my phone rings at 7 AM (when I would have been at CarRental Company and starting my day); it's my temp agency. The receptionist at Major NonProfit called out... is there any possibility that I'm available as they very specifically asked for me? And I said I'd be happy to. Apparently at some point Major NonProfit communicated how incredibly happy they are with me... very much love having me there both professionally and because I support and understand the organization and so on... hooray ego cookies. Even nicer was the number of people who told me what a pleasant surprise it was to see me today (including one person I was stunned to hear it from).

And then the receptionist called in to touch base with HR and the ED; turns out she's got a stomach bug and is it possible for me to return tomorrow? But of course. :-) And then I leave from there and head to a reception to honour the retiring ED (who made a point of inviting me when I was there during the two months thing).

Now if they could just come up with an open position for which I'm qualified!!!
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Concrit needed re photo description

Monroe Street Entrance

Here's what I have so far...

Photo: Photo shows entry of retail brick building sited at intersection. The corner store sits back from the sidewalk in a five by twelve foot rectangle (knocked out of the very corner). In this alcove, there's a recessed entry door swinging out, handle on right side, next to building. On the right of the door assembly is a two-foot wide vertical window (side light). A three-shelf display (topping out just at handle height) runs diagonally from the edge of the door frame to the outside wall, completely blocking access to anything aligned with the the handle side of the door. A narrow wooden bench extends from the wall's juncture with the shelf to the forward edge of the building. The display and bench combine to require a person to stay precisely behind the door to open it.