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Call for Prompts

[personal profile] thebonesofferalletters is hosting Stories from the Crossroads with a theme of "LGBTQA themes and/or creators and creations."  Leave prompts, get ficlets!  There are perks for donations.
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Deer in the Early Morning


These deer started to run as Rion rushed past me standing in the door.

Mirrored from Five Acres with a View.

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(no subject)

The little people? ETA: Argh. Satire site.
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The exception to the five-second rule:

Freshly ground coffee waiting to go into the cappuccino machine; my elbow hit it when I was moving the machine and it went everywhere on the floor. Broom and dustpan, and grind some more.
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book 10, 2014

The Craggy Hole in My Heart and The Cat Who Fixed It., Geneen Roth. Paperback. 3 out of 5 stars.

Back of book blurb:

"In this inspiring and joyous book, New York Times bestselling author Geneen Roth introduces her remarkable twenty-pound cat, Mister Blanche, and her beloved father Bernard, as she takes readers deep into the story of how each finally taught her to love without reservation and accept that she might someday lose those whom she believed she couldn't live without. Told with warmth and wit, The Craggy Hole in My Heart and The Cat Who Fixed It is a poignant and funny story about how to live with love--and never live without it."

It took me awhile to read this one because it was a bit of a slow and muddled read to me. It was a mishmash of self-generated philosophy, a lot of musings about her parents (especially her Dad) and not as much cat story as I would have hoped. That being said, it was compelling and interesting enough for me to keep reading it and not abandon it entirely, so that's why I gave it three stars (according to GoodReads, that means I "Liked It". Which I basically did, really.

If this sounds like your sorta thing, I'd recommend trying to borrow it from a public library rather than buying it. It's worth the read, but I don't know if it's worth the $9.99 kindle price or the $11something paperback price on amazon...
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A Valediction: Of Weeping - John Donne

A Valediction: Of Weeping

                Let me pour forth
My tears before thy face, whilst I stay here,
For thy face coins them, and thy stamp they bear,
And by this mintage they are something worth.
                For thus they be
                Pregnant of thee;
Fruits of much grief they are, emblems of more;
When a tear falls, that thou fall'st which it bore;
So thou and I are nothing then, when on a divers shore.

                On a round ball
A workman, that hath copies by, can lay
An Europe, Afric, and an Asia,
And quickly make that, which was nothing, all.
                So doth each tear,
                Which thee doth wear,
A globe, yea world, by that impression grow,
Till thy tears mix'd with mine do overflow
This world, by waters sent from thee, my heaven dissolvèd so.

                O! more than moon,
Draw not up seas to drown me in thy sphere;
Weep me not dead, in thine arms, but forbear
To teach the sea, what it may do too soon;
                Let not the wind
                Example find
To do me more harm than it purposeth:
Since thou and I sigh one another's breath,
Whoe'er sighs most is cruellest, and hastes the other's death.
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Random thoughts from a dress rehearsal

Second dress tonight. We're doing a traditional dress rehearsal in concert order, which both unusual for us and has the side effect of half an hour of downtime for the chorus in the middle. Usually they organize things so that all of the choral pieces are together, but this time we had some logistical things that needed to be rehearsed. So now I'm hanging out and listening to the orchestra play Vaughan-Williams' "Fantasia on Greensleeves", which is not a piece I know, but it's pretty so far. Even if the conductor does keep starting and stopping.

Concert tomorrow.

Update: now the orchestra is playing "Waltz of the Flowers" from the Nutcracker. Half the chorus is bobbing their heads or swaying back and forth in their seats. I wonder how many of them even realize it? :)
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Good progress

More PT this week. I am successfully doing the sets of exercises every day.

I still have the flu, tired and vaguely sick, fever varying between 99 and 100, yet am functional. Way more functional than when I wasn't sick but was having a flare up of joint pain. As I think this over I am undoing some hidden levels of blaming myself and worrying that it's my fault or I am specially wimpy or malingering. It is obviously not my fault and I'm tough as nails.

Also maybe I am just not hit that hard by it since I did have a flu shot.

I went out for an hour to the HRDA office party (figuring not contagious if I've had this for nearly 2 weeks) then home again and to bed.

Tomorrow, beta 11 release (specially extended for a week) And then to pain/insomnia therapy and then I will chill out and have a nap. If i feel up to it will go to stef's party. Then swim on the weekend. If I can work up to 2-3 times a week consistently it will be amazing

The portland work week hotel for 1st week of december has a pool. I am going to resolve NOT to try to go out to dinner with people. if i can last the work week sitting up and paying attention and getting back and forth to the hotel it will be ok. d. is going with me and will just work from the hotel. that is amazingly comforting as I won't be stuck and without help if things go wrong physically. and he is super comforting and good to come home to.

I can't tell right this minute if my ankles are stretchy-good hurt or actually hurt. But i ache al over . the PT today was partly some sort of weird pilates machine . and like 20 miutes of lying there trying to move just my lower abdominal muscles, which I am still not sure actually exist. holy crap that was difficult and exhausting. but awesome.
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and another review link

My review of Kameron Hurley's The Mirror Empire, at Strange Horizons.

Short version: many admirable qualities, but far too grimdark for no obvious reason.
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Trans Day of Remembrance: Yoilosh

For the Trans Day of Remembrance, I direct your attention to the Torn World character Yoilosh, a gender activist. 

EDIT: It occurs to me that I should also add, I maintain my parts of the internet as safe space, so if someone hassles you about your gender in my territory, let me know and I will deal with it.  If you're local to me and having gender issues, you can also come to me and I'll help as best I can.  Intolerance is bullshit up with which I will not put.
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Hello new people from the DW friending meme! I feel like my journal is very self-explanatory. All the fannish stuff is public. I mostly talk about things I read and watch. I watch a lot of TV and I read a lot of books and Steve Rogers is my favorite by a wide, wide margin. Like, a lot. ♥STEVE♥

Most of the personal stuff is locked, but the relevant bits are: I used to do science, now I write young adult novels, I am from Colorado but recently moved to San Diego, and I saw a spider by my desk earlier but now I don't see it anymore. WHERE DID IT GO.

I am awkward at first about talking to people I don't know, but I promise I don't bite. Welcome!
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State of the Bridget: Ignition problems!

For those who may not remember or even know in the first place, Bridget is the name I have for my 2001 Saturn SL2. Got her brand new off the lot in March of '01 with the Starter Husband and I was awarded her in the divorce. She's got about 181,000 miles on her now and OEM things are slowly going to pot on her, as is to be expected. That being said...Aside from burning a bit too much oil and regular routine maintenance for the most part lately she's been basically fine...

We have been having some trouble with the ignition sticking when attempting to turn the key when starting her. That's been going on for a little while now, probably a couple of months. Jiggle the key a little bit and things are a "go", but yeah, annoying, and something to watch. Could be keys wearing out with all the use, or it could be something with the ignition mechanism...

Then today happened...

This afternoon J started her in the driveway and was about to put her in reverse to leave the driveway. While shifting his right leg he brushed the base of the other keys hanging from my key chain with his knee and the ignition key fell out of the ignition and he caught them before they fell to the floor. Bridget didn't quit, though--she kept on a running as if nothing happened. J put her back in park, put the key back in the ignition and turned her off. Took the key back out, put the key back in and fired her up again. Barely touched the ignition key and it came out again. And again. And again. And Bridget stayed running all the while. o.O Thank Bast for that, but damn! That key coming out of a running car while it's in the "run" position was just plain freaking me out!! J was more than a bit concerned, too, what with all the GM ignition switch recalls and all.

Drove her straight to the local Chevy dealership, which adverts that it services all Pontiacs and Saturns and went into the service department to talk to a tech to check with them to see if there are any recalls on her, particularly with the ignition. Nope, nothing. Described what was happening with her and the tech thinks it's the ignition cylinder wearing out, but she would need to be looked at by a tech *of course) to be sure and nothing was available til Monday morning. He did a rough estimate for us--if it's just the ignition cylinder that needs replacing it'll be about $400 give or take with labor and part ($300ish for labor, $125 for part and re-keying of same). I take her in on Monday morning at 0900. While she's in for that, I'm also having them look at the burnt out lights in the instrument cluster on the dash, which could just be burnt out bulbs or it could also be something wrong with the instrument cluster light system proper. We shall see...

We could probably get a slightly better deal somewhere else on the labor cost for the repair at a mom-n-pop mechanic, but J's a bit cautious when it comes to ignition/key mechanism repairs and would rather we go through a certified dealer. I agree, so she's going back to the dealership. As for the instrument cluster lights, we've tried fixing them through my go-to local mechanic guy, but he wasn't able to find the right sized bulbs through his resources. I'm pretty darn sure the dealer won't have that sort of problem. ;)

The tech says Bridget is basically safe to drive as long as she's not quitting on me when the key falls from the ignition, which it's not so far. Regardless, I don't think I'll be doing much driving with her until this gets resolved. Why chance it? I do have some minor and very short distance local errands to run tomorrow afternoon, which should be fine, but I'm still pretty nervous about driving her for now...

Monday can't come fast enough!! :/ I want my baby back! :/
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Posted by mugumogu

Maru does Hana's grooming whimsically.

Maru:[You are a troublesome child.]

Hana:[Thank you. But I’m not in the mood now.]

Hana:[I want to already leave.]

And then there were none...

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Interview of Dialecticdreamer by Corvi

There is a lovely mini-interview of [personal profile] dialecticdreamer by [personal profile] corvi about writing and entertainment.   Schrodinger's Heroes fans will get a big kick out of this.
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Seen at the birdfeeders this morning: a flock of 7 goldfinches all crammed onto the foot-long thistle sock.  There was some fluttering and pecking, but on the whole they share much better than most other birds, who will hog a whole side of the hopper feeder to themselves unless it's pretty cold out.
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Unclutter 2014: days 301–320

As previously noted, I'm doing Unclutter 2014, which involves getting rid of 1 thing per day in 2014, plus an extra thing for every thing that comes into the house. I thought I'd also keep track of where the things go (landfill, charity shop, recycling, etc). I'm planning to post once every ten (or sometimes twenty) days, giving a summary of how I'm doing.

Days 1–300: 468 out (130 landfill, 185 recycled, 83 charity shop, 27 gifts, 1 returned to owner, 8 Freegle, 1 bartered, 16 used up, 9 food waste, 8 archived), 126 in, net out: 342.

Days 301–320 totals: 60 out (1 landfill, 4 recycled, 49 charity shop, 2 gifts, 1 used up, 3 food waste), 5 in, net out: 55.

Finally got past 365 net out, thanks to a clearout of cookery books in collaboration with [personal profile] bob. Details of the past 20 days are below.

Day 301: 2 out: Halloween stickers and crocheted pumpkin given to nephew. 5 in: 4 microfibre cloths and 1 postcard.

Day 302: 3 out: 2 packets of dried fish products, ancient and not stored properly (put in the food waste), 1 packet of ancient TVP chunks (used up).

Day 303: 1 out: Plastic bowl put in the recycling.

Day 304: 6 out: Cracked mug put in landfill; 2 tops, a coathanger, and a food warmer taken to charity shop; 1 bottle very-expired squash put in plastic recycling (after pouring contents down sink).

Day 307: 2 out: 2 books containing Bad Science put in the recycling.

Day 312: 1 out: Ancient and bad-smelling jar of instant coffee decanted into the food waste.

Day 314: 25 out: 25 books taken to charity shop.

Day 318: 20 out: 20 books taken to charity shop.