Showing the Birds | Mary Oliver

Sep. 24th, 2016 11:20 am
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Look, children, here is the shy,
flightless dodo; the many-colored
pigeon named the passenger, the
great auk, the Eskimo curlew, the
woodpecker called the Lord God Bird,
the . . .
Come children, hurry--there are so many
more wonderful things to show you in
the museum's dark drawers.
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Posted by Laurie Cinotto


 OK, the shop is all updated now and we've added several new Sparkle Ball packs.

We've got our usual mixes that we always carry, plus we've added Halloween packs, Holiday packs,  Jumbo packs, and a few all-orange packs because that is Charlene's favorite color!  

To check them out, please visit the Sparkle Ball section of the IBKC shop. 

I decided to do a special offer this weekend, and if you spend $25 in the IBKC shop, shipping is free. Sorry International friends, this is only for shipping with in the USA.   To take advantage of the discount, enter the code FRAMBOISE when prompted during checkout.  The offer ends Sunday night at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. 

Oh, and just to give you a heads-up, our Kitty Magazine cards are getting close to selling out again!  Don't delay! Get 'em before they're gone! 


We've got a busy weekend around here! There's so much to do to prepare for Tea with Bean (and Wylla) which is happening TUESDAY! We're so excited!!  

Who is Who?

Sep. 23rd, 2016 09:39 am
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Posted by Laurie Cinotto


They Framboise Family had a pretty good day yesterday. They spent a lot less time lurking in the shadows, and more time out in the open.  Though they won't come to us yet, you can usually scoop up Cleo and Posey without much resistance. Enzo still tends to dash off, but if you catch him, he doesn't mind being detained as much as he did at first.  We're getting there.

They all seem to really love the magical IBKC basket, and did nearly all of their napping there yesterday.  It really is the prefect for three kittens of their size, and I think they feel very safe in there.

So, now that we've spent a little more time with them, can you tell them all apart?  In the photo above, from left to right, we have Enzo, Cleo and Posey.


Cleo has the longest and darkest coat. Her back is mostly solid in color, but her belly has some stripes on her belly.


Enzo has the shortest coat, a dark brown nose, the biggest frame, and often has a look of horror on his face (big eyes, flat ears).


Posey is the tiniest, has the whitest face, a wispy, striped coat and her toes are tipped white. She's the most relaxed of the batch.


That's Enzo above.


Enzo on the left and Cleo on the right.


Enzo and Cleo again.




Cleo on the left and Posey on the right. (note tiny tongue)


Cleo and Posey again.


Enzo and Posey.


Enzo and Posey.


And Cleo (living up to her surname).

Have you got it? Do you know who is who?   Do take note, there will be a quiz later!

I'll back in a bit.  We just got a new shipment of Sparkle Balls, and I'm working on getting those list this morning!  As soon as the shop is updated, I'll let you know!  

Things to Do This Weekend

Sep. 23rd, 2016 10:09 am
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1. Do laundry. Always and forever.

2. Pick up hemmed jeans and mended shirt, if they are in fact done; the lady said it might be Tuesday, since everybody gets things altered in the fall.

3. Write book review. I've already finished the book.

4. Start writing story for October 15th deadline. !!! I say it here so I will at least sit down in front of the computer and start typing.

5. Start packing for CapClave.

'Breaking Up Is Hard To Do' (01/01)

Sep. 22nd, 2016 02:05 pm
ithildin: (Avengers - Love Is For Children)
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Okay, maybe not a fluke. Second story in a week! This follows The Path, set during the end of Captain America: Civil War.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Riggs/Murtaugh redux

Sep. 22nd, 2016 02:40 pm
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There are a few things different about the new tv version of Lethal Weapon, and they're all improvements.

1. Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford feel closer in age than Danny Glover and Mel Gibson ever seemed to be. Danny always felt like he was sort of Mel's inefficient father, trying to keep him in line. That generational vibe is totally gone here.

2. Clayne Crawford's Martin Riggs is hurting bad, mourning his wife, and yes he's crazy -- but he is not Mel's Johnny One-Note in terms of characterization. There were more layers to this guy in the pilot than in the first three Lethal Weapons movies. This can only be good.

3. The cops around them feel real, like guys working for a living who hope to have a good dinner when they get home, and not like movie stars or some kind of elite swat goons.

4. The bromance vibe is working.

I think I'm putting this on my Hulu list.

Posey Gets Cozy

Sep. 22nd, 2016 10:13 am
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Posted by Laurie Cinotto


 Yesterday afternoon,  I sprung the Framboise Family from their cage, and let them do a little exploring. They didn't do quite as well as I had hoped, and spent much of their day lurking in the shadows and finding tiny spots to hide in.  They were  doing so well the night before and were all so much more comfortable being handled -- there was a lot of progress. I didn't think they would retreat so much once released. I guess the bigger space was just kind of a lot for them.

I set up a little play area in the center of the room with toys and things to climb on, hoping they would discover it eventually and enjoy all of the activities.  They got a little braver, and ran back and forth across the room, but didn't feel comfortable enough to stop out in the open until early evening.  And once they did discover it, they would play in there for short little bursts, but always run back to the corners to hide.

I left the room and let them continue to run while I made dinner and we cleaned up the dishes.

When I came in their room to feed them and tuck them into bed, Miss Posey was lounging on the cardboard kitty couch in the middle of the room.  She was happy, purring and falling asleep. She was comfortable and cozy.  Enzo and Cleo had tucked themselves into a box beneath my desk, and we're not too thrilled to be plucked out of their safe spot.

Everyone went into the cage for the night, and once in the safety of their home,  seemed just fine and more like the kittens I saw the night before.

They are eating their breakfast now, and I will be springing them shortly.  Hopefully everyone will feel a little braver today!  






Sep. 22nd, 2016 08:43 am
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Today is the Dayjob Day of All Meetings, but last night I benched 130 pounds, 5 sets of 5. The last rep of the last couple of sets were hard enough I'll be sticking there for a week or so.

My top bench press from pre-broken elbow was 135.

Will I reach 150 pounds? Stay tuned.

Also, owwwwww, sore.

(no subject)

Sep. 21st, 2016 11:45 pm
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Noah has aggressive lymphoma and the vet thinks six months *with* chemo, which we won't put him through because he's terrified of the vet and of being in the car and because chemo for cats is a scrap shoot anyway. So we're going to go with prednisone and painkillers and all the high calorie food he'll eat and treats and all the scritches, and let him go once the painkillers stop working.

Poor fucked up space cadet kitty.

Raven A. Nuckols: Had the Queen Lived

Sep. 21st, 2016 09:04 pm
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Raven ​A. ​Nuckols' alternate history ​Had ​the ​Queen ​Lived: An ​Alternative ​History ​of ​Anne ​Boleyn is a most interesting conceit. Written in the form of a history rather than a fiction, it puts forward an imagined Tudor history in which Anne Boleyn was not tried and executed for adultery and treason, but instead lived to be Henry VIII's consort throughout his reign.

Nuckols takes as her point of divergence the fateful tournament held during Anne's pregnancy, in which Henry and his brother-in-law Charles Brandon faced each other in a friendly joust gone seriously awry. In 'our' history, Henry was injured and rendered unconscious - in fact, was initially thought to be dead. It is generally held that the shock of being told this was a major cause of her miscarriage of what appeared to be a healthy male fetus. Losing Henry's desperately wanted male heir left Anne vulnerable to both Henry's fears that this marriage too was cursed, and the political machinations that ultimately led to her trial and execution.

In Nuckols' alternate history, it is Brandon who suffers the near-fatal injury. Anne goes on to bear a healthy son and thus retains her position as Henry's wife and her influence over the governance of the kingdom.

The conceit is interesting, as are the ways in which Nuckols imagines Anne's continued influence would have changed the events of Henry's reign. As a thought experiment, it was enjoyable reading. One might not agree with the path Nuckols imagines for Henry and Anne during the course of a long and tempestuous marriage in which Anne actively sought to influence policy, but the effort involved in researching the possibilities is impressive.

Unfortunately, Nuckols is not the best of prose stylists - to put it mildly - and the book sadly lacks a good proofreader. The text is riddled with grammatical and typographic errors, incomplete sentences, and other issues that make reading a bit of a chore. But I persevered and was not unhappy to have done so.

high-tech sleeping

Sep. 21st, 2016 04:38 pm
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Sleeping is getting way too high tech lately. Yesterday I had an especially hard workout – 11km, including a warm-up followed by 2 sets of 2km at aerobic threshold, then 3km at marathon pace. So I actually headed up to bed a little early, and slept until the alarm went off, unusually for me. (Usually if I have an alarm set, I’m beginning to wait up a quarter hour or so before it’s set to go off.

I’ve been playing with my electronics; here’s the current set-up: Bedtime is at 10, because we get up at 6 (actually a few minutes before, mostly because the old iPod was a little fast and by the time we realized it we were used to it). At 9:25, the bedside lamp comes on. At 9:30, my iPad dings a bedtime warning – the first few notes of a lullabye – and switches to a warmer shade of light. (I’m more likely to be mostly reading on the Kindle at that point, so I only notice when I go to check something on the iPad.) Somewhere between then and 10, I head upstairs and clean the litterbox, if it’s my turn.

Then it’s time for better living through chemistry: I brush my teeth with a toothpaste that makes them less sensitive, take a multivitamin and my one medication, wash my face, and brush my teeth again with a special prescription toothpaste that has lots of fluoride, and floss.

I get into bed and plug in my phone, Kindle and iPad. The light goes off at 9:55, so I have to turn it back on if I’m not in bed by then. I put a biteguard made of high-tech molded plastic in my mouth so I don’t wear down my teeth, because I tend to clench them in my sleep.

My fitness tracker keeps tabs on how well I sleep all night.

At about 5:55, my phone lights up and wakes me with a soft sound that gets louder untim I shut it off. I get up, check the fitness tracker app on my phone to see how well I slept because I’m curious, get up, take out my biteguard, and take off my fitness tracker, then shower and get ready for the day. (I could shower in the tracker but it seems like an unnecessary risk.)

It all seems like an awful lot of stuff to do just to sleep. So far, my main conclusions are:

1. I have been healthier since I started taking a multivitamin (Ted’s influence, back when we moved in, so that step is useful.
2. I know there are studies saying flossing doesn’t help, but my dentist seems happier when I go in if I’ve been doing it regularly – I mean, they like the condition of my teeth better – so that’s useful.
3. I don’t feel any better or worse when I take my thyroid meds, though the test numbers are better. Inconclusive.
4. I’ve just started having the light turn itself on and off, so I still haven’t decided if that’s helpful.
5. This morning, because of the heavy workout, I slept all the way until the alarm, and this soft one did indeed wake me more gently. Helpful.
6. Bedtime warning chime: I just started that too – it’s iOS10’s new Bedtime app, along with this soft alarm – but I think it will be good for getting to bed on time. That’s also what changes the iPad’s color; I’m not convinced it makes any difference.
7. The biteguard doesn’t keep me from clenching my teeth- so I can still wake up with a sore jaw, but at least it doesn’t harm my teeth.
8. When I track how well I sleep, it doesn’t really correlate at all with how well I think I’ve slept. Academically interesting, not terribly useful.

My Apple Watch arrived today; that means one more device to charge, but I probably won’t be wearing the fitness tracker any more, and likely won’t bother to put it on just to sleep. (I can’t wear the Watch to sleep, because it needs charging every night.) More on the Watch later, when I’ve had it longer than a couple of hours.

Mirrored from Dichroic Reflections.

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Heather Rose Jones's The Mystic Marriage is a sequel to the delightful Daughter of Mystery. Margerit and Barbara are key characters, and it is wonderful to see them further developing a unique and loving relationship throughout the events of this novel. The protagonists are Antuniet Chazillen, disgraced and self-exiled alchemical student and sister of executed traitor Estevan Chazillen, and Jeanne, Vicomtesse de Cherdillac, a wealthy and bored widow noted for her eccentricities, among them quiet affairs with other society women.

There are mysteries to solve and plots to unravel, and with all four women working to restore Antiniet's reputation and protect the royal family of Alpennia, an engaging story of intrigue and romance unfolds.

Now looking forward to the upcoming third volume in the annals of Alpennia.

For the, er, nosy

Sep. 21st, 2016 01:53 pm
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So it's been (slightly more than) a week since the Mohs procedure. Nose is healing; the biggest problem has been itchiness.

In case anyone wants photos, go to the second cut (the first is "spoiler" space for anyone viewing the entry directly).

space, the final front nose )

pics )

As Cute As a Button

Sep. 21st, 2016 11:26 am
[syndicated profile] ittybittykitty_feed

Posted by Laurie Cinotto


OH, am I excited about these! I just picked up these cuties last night -- itty bitty IBKC pins!  They are the perfect shade of "Wylla Nose Pink" and measure 1.5 inches in diameter. That tiny kitten on the pin is Miss Audrey Stout.

Place an order in the IBKC shop, and we'll be tossing one of these in your package to say "thanks for the support!"  You can wear it proudly and show the world you're part of this awesome kitten-loving IBKC community!

To do a little shopping, please pop on over to the shop.  And be sure to check out our latest cards featuring recent grads, the adorable Dinichi Family!


Shy, Dark and Handsome

Sep. 21st, 2016 09:21 am
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Posted by Laurie Cinotto


It's no secret that we  love tabbies around here, so we were delighted to invite our three little Framboises into our home.

You've met the girls, now it's time to meet the boy!

Please say hello to the incredible handsome Enzo Framboise!  But please say it quietly, because he's still getting used to us.


He's the scaredy-est cat in the batch, and though he's still a wee bid timid, he has made TREMENDOUS strides since he first moved in on Friday. On the first day there was a lot of hissing and day two, a little less. On day three he only hissed once and that was when I startled him with a sneeze while he was having his lunch. That's totally understandable.

Yesterday morning he was sitting in the back of the cage and purring with his sisters--- purring is always a major breakthrough.  And finally, last night,  when I picked him up to say goodnight, his little body hardly felt tense at all, and after a few words and pets, he turned his motor on for me.  When I put him back into his cage when we were through, he did not run for safety and hide in the shadows, he just stepped out of my hands and sat down.  We are getting there!

My favorite thing about fostering is watching the kittens let go of their fears and learn to trust us humans. It's a pretty magical transformation to witness.

SO, this tongue thing.

He does it too, though he doesn't stick it out quite as far as the girls do.


(from front to back: Posey, Cleo and Enzo)


I took them to see Doc on Monday, and he didn't seem to think anything was physically wrong with them regarding their tongues. Cleo did have a runny eye, so we've got some meds for that, and it seems to be clearing right up.  We'll just keep watching them, and hopefully it's just a quirkily little thing the Framboise Family does.

Because they started out shy, they've been spending their time in their kitten kennel. You don't want to give timid kittens TOO many places to hide, so it's better to keep them contained in a smaller space.  I think today, because everyone is doing so much better now, we'll let them out and do a little exploring in the kitten room.   They're going to love that -- you can tell that now that they're hiding less and playing more, they're ready to stretch their legs in the bigger world!  

That will be fun, and it will be documented! Keep your eyes on our Instagram account later today!

Wednesday Reading

Sep. 21st, 2016 09:00 am
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When You See Them, You'll Know by impertinence is a lovely long story of Rey figuring out how she feels about human society in general as well as Finn and Poe. I liked it a lot.

I also read an Inception AU, I Seem to Be a Verb by Aja, ostensibly a slash romance between Arthur (bookseller) and Eames (actor with dodgy past), but to me seemed more of a delightful fantasy of owning an independent bookstore, and then having that bookstore start making a profit and having celebrities show up and getting to do things you love.

I finished volume one of Monstress, which just got better and better, but the rest of my reading was pushed aside so I could finish a book for anonymous review. I hope to write the review this weekend.

Things and stuff

Sep. 21st, 2016 12:30 am
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Someone elseNet linked to the end title sequence from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, with the comment that this is a fine piece of short animation in its own right. They're not wrong, and furthermore it sent me scurrying over to Amazon for the complete soundtrack. I'm still not sure I want to watch the movie, but the score is by Thomas Newman and it's lovely; a number of the cuts went into various playlists. I do rather wish that the opening title didn't start with a cheesy special effect, because the rest of it is gorgeous but I don't want to hear the effect every time the song comes up. However, that's the only complaint I have.

So, I've been thinking for a while that I needed to get an Instagram account and use it to promote my business, and then my web host sent me a link to an article called "Instagram 101 for Small Business Owners". And a few days ago I sat down to set up an account. This proved to be easier said than done. Getting the account itself set up was no problem. And then...

- The article said the next step in the process was "Make sure you have a business account; this can be set from Settings." Only there was no Settings link anywhere. Not on the front page, not on the Edit Profile page (which was where I expected to find it), not anywhere that I could see. I'm in a Facebook group designed to help artists and artisans use social media, so I asked for help there.

- The Settings link is ONLY IN THE MOBILE APP, not on the desktop version. Okay, past that roadblock.

- A business account MUST be linked to a Facebook page, and to do that I have to turn on Facebook Platform Apps. This is something I've lived without perfectly well for over 7 years, but okay, I'll turn it on. And then go thru the rest of my FB security settings to lock down anything I don't want "platform apps" having access to, which is annoying but necessary.

- Then Instagram keeps telling me "No Facebook Page Detected" and suggests that I contact the page administrator (ME!) for permission to access the page. Back to the advice group, where a chance remark by someone else reveals the root of the problem. I had checked "Facebook" in the Connections section, but then I had to click on the icon -- and then it gave me a choice of pages to link to. Oy gevelt. This is not quite as bad as Tumblr, but it's not far from it.

So now I have an Instagram account. Still not sure how useful it's going to be, because apparently I can't upload any of the good pictures from my main photo archive -- only pictures on the cellphone, and the cellphone (bluntly) takes shitty jewelry pictures. But we'll see.

Russ managed to get the lithotripsy appointment to remove the second kidney stone, although not without a certain amount of sturm und drang and a bit of worry that he'd miss the window and have to wait until November. But it got done, and that's one less potential disaster hanging over our heads.

To no surprise, I didn't get accepted for WHAM. I'll keep applying because it doesn't cost me anything to do so, but they're trying for a balanced mix of merchandise, they get way more applications than they have room for, and my jewelry isn't that much different from a lot of other people's.

Cat news:
- Yard Cat has disappeared again. Given how bad he looked the last time we saw him, it's very likely that he's gone for good. :-(

- OTOH, we have a new contingent of backyard ferals. There's Brindle, who doesn't have a clipped ear but she's been coming around for close to a year now with no sign of kittens, so we're pretty sure she's spayed. She's a lot like Momcat, but her tail is severely abbreviated from some mishap. There's Mackerel, a pretty grey tabby male who sometimes hangs out with her, and then there's Tuxedo, who we see much more rarely. Occasionally he and Mackerel get into verbal disagreements, but it doesn't seem to reach the actual fighting stage.

- Once, just once, we ran short of the outdoor cat food while Russ was gone, so I put out some of the indoor cat food just for one day until I could get some more of the other. Ever since then, Brindle will sometimes show up at the door and sit right next to the not-empty food dish, looking up expectantly when a human comes by the door. This means, "C'mon, I want the GOOD stuff!" and if we go get a small amount of the indoor food and put it in the dish she dives right in. That's a smart cat.

- Mackerel is very timid if he sees one of us in the yard. But for the past few days, he's been the one waiting outside the door for whoever comes out in the morning (usually Russ), and he stands up and puts his front feet on the glass. He backs off just far enough to be out of reach when the door opens, and as soon as it's closed he has his nose down in the dish.

- Kitsune has blossomed. She spends most of her time on the floor now, although she still prefers to eat and drink from her own bowls over by the sticker shelves. She occasionally romps with Spike or Spot as well as with StripeyCat. And... she's not only decided that she likes laps, but she's learned that she can ask for lap time and generally get it. But she's still a creature of ritual (her nickname is OCD-Kitty); the human has to sit down on the left-hand end of the sofa before she'll get into a lap. Once there, she usually settles in for quite a while; a couple of times one of us has had to get up before she was ready to leave, and she has protested vigorously! And she is every bit as deadly-cute as we knew she would be if she could ever get over being traumatized by Loki and Catgirl.

- I think StripeyCat's eventual name is going to end up being Captain Chaos. He's a climber par excellence and enjoys gravity-testing things once he's up on top of something. It's obvious at this point that we seriously over-estimated his age at first; apparently he was one of those cats, like Spike, who get a lot of their growth early. He's not going to be a 20-pounder or anything like that, but he's bidding fair to rival Spike when he gets his full growth. And he's a very solid cat -- there's a lot of muscle under that fur! Also, we found out that he likes feather toys, so I bought a few. There were a couple of days when the living room looked as if a chicken had exploded in it before all the ones that were easily pulled loose had been.

- Winnie has become much more interested in getting attention from me of late. I'll be sitting at the computer, and suddenly there's a little nose poking at my leg or ankle... and then a tongue... and if I still haven't noticed, then a nip -- not an actual bite, more like just scraping her fangs across the skin to say, "Hey, I'm HERE, pet me dammit!"

- Loki has apparently chewed thru one of my speaker cords, so I'm running on one channel until Russ has enough time to splice the damage.

Schedule: We're going to be moderately busy over the next few months.

Sept 23-25 - FenCon (Hope to see some of you there!)
Sept 29-Oct. 1 - RealmsCon (Russ only, taking this one for Kris who double-booked himself)

Oct. 8 - Trying to arrange a get-together with some friends from Making Light who recently moved to Austin. This may turn into a RenFaire trip.
Oct. 14-16 - Time Eddy (Russ only, for Scott)
Oct. 22 - St. Matthews UMC Fall Festival (Lee only)
(St. Matthews is at North Shepherd and 43rd/Crosstimbers)
Oct. 28-30 - Alamo City Comic Con (Russ only, for Scott)
Oct. 29 - Samhain festival at Pixie's Intent (Lee only)

Nov. 4-6 - Austin Celtic Festival
Nov. 11-13 - Houston Bead Society show (I will be volunteering there if nothing else!)
Nov. 26 - Katy Budget Books Small Business Festival
(Russ is hoping to be off on a trip with Blair that weekend, so I'll be running the booth, but it's only going to be shirts.)

Dec. 3 - Wunderlich Farms Christmas Festival
(We hope -- they were supposed to be sending info soon, but I don't have it yet.)
Dec. 17 - Yule Festival at Pixie's Intent (Lee only)


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