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Thursday, April 24th, 2014 08:55 am

Posted by Laurie Cinotto

Yesterday afternoon I discovered this sweet scene on the bed.


And then it got even sweeter.


Yep, the little girls climbed into the basked with Wylla, snuggled in, and they all took a nice, long nap together.


I shared the above images on Instagram yesterday, so I know that those of you who follow us there may have seen them already.  This was a milestone for Wylla and the little ones so I  wanted to share it again here so everyone could see this dear moment.

I use my iPhone to take lots of snapshots during the day and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  If you don't want to miss out on these behind-the-scenes glimpses, please follow us at any or all of these places!  

Here are a few favorites from recent days.

Teenies are looking bigger, aren't they?

Precious bugs.

Committee member Hazel Swift.

Tiny committee member, Effie Brisker.

I was going to save this for tomorrow but I couldn't.



Cats of assorted sizes hanging out.

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 02:52 pm
At least when Ginny sits like this, i don't get yelled at for typing oer her. Unlike Gabe.
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Thursday, April 24th, 2014 03:50 am
Arise to birth with me, my brother.
Give me your hand out of the depths
sown by your sorrows.
You will not return from these stone fastnesses.
You will not emerge from subterranean time.
Your rasping voice will not come back,
nor your pierced eyes rise from their sockets.

Look at me from the depths of the earth,
tiller of fields, weaver, reticent shepherd,
groom of totemic guanacos,
mason high on your treacherous scaffolding,
iceman of Andean tears,
jeweler with crushed fingers,
farmer anxious among his seedlings,
potter wasted among his clays--
bring to the cup of this new life
your ancient buried sorrows.
Show me your blood and your furrow;
say to me: here I was scourged
because a gem was dull or because the earth
failed to give up in time its tithe of corn or stone.
Point out to me the rock on which you stumbled,
the wood they used to crucify your body.
Strike the old flints
to kindle ancient lamps, light up the whips
glued to your wounds throughout the centuries
and light the axes gleaming with your blood.

I come to speak for your dead mouths.

Throughout the earth
let dead lips congregate,
out of the depths spin this long night to me
as if I rode at anchor here with you.

And tell me everything, tell chain by chain,
and link by link, and step by step;
sharpen the knives you kept hidden away,
thrust them into my breast, into my hands,
like a torrent of sunbursts,
an Amazon of buried jaguars,
and leave me cry: hours, days and years,
blind ages, stellar centuries.

And give me silence, give me water, hope.

Give me the struggle, the iron, the volcanoes.

Let bodies cling like magnets to my body.

Come quickly to my veins and to my mouth.

Speak through my speech, and through my blood.
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 07:34 pm
I am doing a lot! Too much! Yet not enough.

Since Zond7 left Monday night I have suddenly degenerated from my smug routine, forget to eat meals, and there is laundry everywhere. somehow instead of writing extra poetry and living in a nice neat environment I have entered odd workaholic and not taking care of myself mode.

Weird! Instructive!

I think it is also the tramadol and extra coffee. Must fix that tomorrow.

Tea only after 1 cup of coffee, and no tramadol after .. umm..... 1pm?

I wrote to the EFF as i said i would, yesterday i did a fun zine reading thing at DU, I worked quite hard, went to all the meetings ever fucking invented, and hacked some portals whicih was super relaxing and fun, and grocery shopped.

i read from a funny old zine and a section from a newish poem that i think is nearly done.

Cannot do enough at work to feel like i'm on top of things or truly competent. HOw to limit things????? why do i keep on taking more responsiblity?

i do not want to burn out.

also i went to 2 doctor appointments which while not specially stressful or hard, and i went in a cab, were still stressful and hard.

i miss zond7 quite a lot!

i think i need to strictly enforce some hours off even if i can't take a whole day ... which i don't feel that i can....