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What a hoot...

I wish this was my Walter Burris.

But the dates aren't right, because when this news article appeared in 1899, my Walter Burris was 17, and his sister was two years younger than he.

I know I have to be related to this Walter somehow, but I can't figure it out yet.

Someone is missing a really good story to hand down through the ages...the day Great Granddaddy was pardoned by the Governor for fist fighting at recess...

Arkansas Gazette, 6 Sep 1899


Each of the Participants Was Fined, $5 and Costs.
Peculiar Kind of Justice Meted Out in Pope County.

Walter Burris, a thirteen-year-old boy, who was convicted in the court of Justice John Cooper in Pope county August 22 of disturbing the peace and fined $5 and costs, was pardoned yesterday by Gov. Jones. Hon H.F. Aulen, (sp) of this city, presented the papers in the case.

The facts in this case show it to be one of the most peculiar that has come to the attention of the governor in some time and in conversation with a Gazette reporter he denounced in strong terms any person who would file information such as was filed in this case. "A boy who wouldn't defend himself in a schoolboy fight isn't worth the powder and lead it would take to kill him," said the governor.

Burris, it seems, was one of a number of boys attending a small country school in Pope county. One day at recess he had a fight with a playmate named Wheeler Teague, the same age. The schoolteacher, who was a sister of Burris, heard of the fight and called the boys before her for corporal punishment. She whipped her little brother, but Teague refused to submit to a thrashing and left the school. Some person who was passing reported the fight to Justice Cooper and a warrant was issued for the arrest of both of the boys. They were taken before the Justice and each fined $5 and costs, a total of $8.50.

The petition for the pardon of Burris bore sixty-five signatures, nearly all the electors in the township, and said in part: "The justice who tried this case was biased and prejudiced against Burris and his family."

My Grandfather's name was Walter Burris.

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The above article sounds very much like my grandfather. He once threatened to whipa male school teacher over a percieved slight to one of his children. He also once fought a preacher over some didpute thrt had. Grandpa was born in pope county on a farn homesteaded by his grandfather Janes Kittleton Burris. The farm was near Isabele Creek North east of Russelville. I also was born at Russelville, Arkansas in 1929. If anyone can identify the school yard fight I would very much like to know about. Email