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Mystery Monday: Who was David Childress Jordon?

I know who he was.

He was my brother-in-law's maternal great grandfather.

And that's it. That's what anyone knows.

He married Mary Frances Edmonson, daughter of Jonas Smith Edmonson and Phoebe Harris.

They probably got married in Pulaski County, AR - most likely Little Rock, since that's where the Edmonsons had been living for a while - around 1888.

I can't find a marriage record.

David and Mary Frances had one daughter, Helen Phoebe Jordon, who was born in Little Rock on 18 Aug 1889.

The family story is that David messed around on Mary Frances, and her father forbade him to return to the family home.

So he didn't.

The 1900 census says Mary Frances was a widow. The family said that was the cover story for an embarassing failed marriage.

But after the 1889 Arkansas Press Little Rock City Directory, I can't find David Childress Jordon - any where. In 1889, he was working as a clerk for the Bank of Little Rock.


He was there in the 1887 Gazette City Directory for Little Rock.


And then, he was gone...

I've looked for military records, remarriages, and everything I can think of...I use 1860 as his date of birth, because 1861 was when Mary Frances was born. But I don't know if that's right, or even close.

I just hate it when they go ~poof~

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