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I used to have this blog, and my everything-else blog, at LiveJournal.

In the last year, LJ had some major, out-of-control spam issues.

They have been under two acknowledged DDoS attacks. Blogs were unavailable to blog owners for days at a time.

But they were still available to spammers, who did not have to be logged in to post their spam.

Generally speaking, I am brand loyal. But when the brand no longer serves, I adjust.

So after some looking around at other blogging platforms, I moved this blog on June 11 over here to Dreamwidth.

I imported over 300 entries from LJ to DW, and along with those entries came hundreds of photos. Those photos are still hosted on LJ's server.

Things are no better at LiveJournal, and I'm beginning to wonder if Six Apart, the company that owns LJ, is going to come apart with what seems to be an increasing inability to keep its LJ blogging platform up and available to the bloggers.

If I lost all my family and cemetery photos, I just know I would say some very profane words, probably in combinations that heretofore have not been created.
So I will be laboriously moving all the geneablog photos over to Photobucket in the coming days, and re-posting them in archived entries as appropriate.

Two of the cottage felines are quite intrigued by this process. (The other, Emma, couldn't care less as long as I do not disturb her serial naps.)

If photo links get a little wonky during the process, fear not. They will be fixed.


Date: 2011-08-17 03:16 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
That's so sad that you lost your photos. That's a lot of work and trouble to have to put them back. I'm so sorry for you....

Nancy from My Ancestors and Me


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