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The week in review...

PhotobucketIt was a good week for...

...Making connections with another Burris researcher through the Burris DNA Project. We don't seem to be able to connect our dots yet - hers start in North and South Carolina though, so there is hope. Her family is descended through Solomon Burriss. Her husband was a 12/12 marker match for my father.

...Making quite a bit of progress on tracking one side of the family of my cousin's wife. She's Italian on her mother's side and Hungarian on her dad's. There was all sorts of information available about her maternal great grandfather, Rocco Bruno Galloro - not so much about her paternal great grandfather, Miliály Latrany.

And the women - well, don't get me started on that...
PhotobucketIt was a bad week for...

...Figuring out whether the 12th Missouri Cavalry, in which Franklin Marion Burris served during the Civil War, was a Union or Confederate unit. Ancestry says it was Confederate, and gives me the transcription of a muster roll record that I can't find an image for on Footnote. A Missouri Civil War website says it was Union. Given what I know about Franklin Marion's brothers, one of whom was my great great grandfather, James Littleton Burris, I'm betting Ancestry is right.

But I want to know for sure.

...Getting photos of those five addresses in Little Rock where I hope ancestral homes are still standing. I had a very busy schedule this past week, including car repairs, which I see are not quite complete now.

Front brake job, here I come.

...Finding any indication about what happened to Jonathan Burris once his brothers left Lawrence Co., TN to move to Pope Co., AR. Family lore had it that Jonathan drowned while they were crossing the Mississippi River, but a 1937 letter by William Andrew Burris says Jonathan left Lawrence County for Reelfoot Lake, KY, and had three sons.

I think I *may* have found some information about one of those sons, Wiley. But it is way too preliminary to draw any conclusions. I have two possible 1850 censuses, one in Hardin Co., TN, and one in Adair Co., KY.

So the search goes on...

12th Missouri Cavalry

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It seems fitting given its position as a border state that Missouri had a Confederate AND Union unit known as the 12th Cavalry. The National Park Service Civil War Soldiers & Sailors system ( lists F.M. Burris and J.W. Burris as privates in the Confederate unit.

memberof Burris family

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I'm Patricia Burris Hawkins now living in Al. but orig. from Lou. KY . My Father was Edgar Henry Burris born in Adair county Ky. about 1916. my parents were divorced so know little about this side of family. His mother's name was Ovalee, don;t know father as she married a couple of times. His sister was Laverna. could we poss. be related? Trying to find out abotu relatives but frustrated by the so called free trials which in reality are a way to get your info & make you pay fees eventually want to or not. Cant even get in to Ky birth cert. for free info any advice? Pat