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Funeral Mass for City Couple is Held Today

Funeral mass for Mr.and Mrs. Edward Neumeier was held this morning at the St. Boniface Catholic Church. Burial for the couple was in Holy Cross Cemetery.

Active pallbearers for Mr. Neumeierwere Nick Benedetto, Harry Neumeier, Jerome Kremer, Joe Bauer, Herman Neihouse and Leo Kleck.

Active pallbearers for Mrs. Neumeier were Henry Thron, Augustine Bass, David Lensing, Vincent T. Murphy, Stephen Megless and Stephen Heim Jr.

Honorary pallbearers were Buddy Walker, Harold Watkins, Bill Avlos, Louis Seller, Royal Bowman, Donald Kennedy, Fate Dotson, Herman Schwartz, John Daley, Joe Lensing and Herman Buss.

The Neumeiers were killed when their car went out of control Wednesday on Highway 22 about 22 miles east of Paris, Ark.

Published in the Fort Smith Times Record, 29 Mar 1963


Edward H Neumeier was born 3 Mar 1916.

His wife, Mary Jane Lensing, was born 10 Jun 1919, in Logan Co., AR to Caspar Martin Lensing and Anna Crescence Heim. She was the fifth of their nine children and an older sister of my uncle, Thomas Andrew Lensing, Sr.


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