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The Williams family photo album is falling apart now. It was given to my great-grandparents, Jo Desha and Maxie Leah (Meek) Williams for Christmas in 1885, probably as an engagement present prior to their marriage on 11 Feb 1886.

This one fell out.

bet 1871 and 1878

I have no idea who she is. She could have been one of Maxie's friends, since I have found other photos of Maxie's friends in the album.

It was taken between 1871 and 1878, according to my research on the photographer.

Then, there is the daguerreotype - equally mysterious.

Who knows which Williams

I've taken it apart one time to get all the information I could about it.

In the interest of historic accuracy, I really think this is an ambrotype, placed in a daguerreotype case made by Litchfield, Parsons and Co. The tag inside the back of the piece says the case is a Union case, with embracing riveted hinge, patented by LP&C on October 14, 1856 and April 21, 1857. By the late 1860s, the ambrotype was replaced by the tintype.

So I have a date range for my heirloom photograph of roughly 1856 through 1865.

And no clue as to the identity of my ancestresses.
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