Date: 2011-07-11 02:48 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
This name is the other side of my Pope Co. AR kin. I would like to know who is buried here. I see a Wilma but can't make others out. Solomon Jasper & his wife Eliza E Griffin MOORE & his father, Asa Franklin Moore & Amanda Gillespie Moore are buried around there. I'll get back with cem name as it is not accessible now. There are alot of Freemans buried @ Cedar Creek Cem further north in state. I grew up in Hot Springs, AR but my Arkansas history county location memory has severly slipped. I'll have to drag out my notes to remember. I'd like to get all my info into this kind of format so it'd be much more easily accessible. Out of force of habit,i am a hardcopy paper person. of late i am trying to sort the snippets of goodies i've jotted on lots of different things. Scrap paper #1 is not neatly handled,so it all looks like trash. But i am sifting my way through. Your site is uplifting in that it gives me encouragement that a path has already been stomped. I once heard that the author of Harry Potter had lots of boxes of scraps of things she had written down things to remember. When it all came together it turned into her series of books of which the last one is now showing at theaters. Now that is beyond me, but you are headed that direction fast. Am not sure about this I haven't taken the time to explore it, but would expect that a .org would be a good investment. Once again, keep up the good work paving the way for the novice genealogist. JSFCMartin
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