Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 06:43 am (UTC)
I was doing some pointed research to gather information for my DAR application and stumbled upon your journal/blog. Ardena Mahala Matthews & James Joshua Ashmore were my 3rd great grandparents. {me-> my father -> Irena Ashmore Chambers->Wiley Sherman Ashmore->Stephen Robert Ashmore-> Ardena & James Ashmore}

It's so nice to see such attentive data! Thank you for all of your hardwork. Following Ardena's paternal line, there's a trail that leads all the way back to the Plantagenets {Henry II & Henry III, Kings of England}, which also leads back to William the Conqueror and Charlemagne. I'm very slowly gathering and proving data for that powerful line. I'd be happy to keep in touch via email. dswaar@aol.com
Deborah Chambers Swaar


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