Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 06:52 am (UTC)
The first article I open for Arkansaas and Orphan trains shows my Great Aunt Margaret. Margaret Haines, age 7 placed with my great grand parents in Rogers, AR in 1912. She married young, I believe at age 16 to Jess Love of Rogers, AR. She stated in touch with my grandmother, but was always called her "foster sister." I do know she was loved and taken care of. I asked her about her birth family once, when I was 18 or so. And she was one of many children, maybe it was 11 kids. I believe her mom had been killed and her father had given the children up for adoption. I see from the article that her sister was in town (Rogers, AR) with her, but I was told by Margaret that she lost all contact with her birth family. I was sad at the time for her loss.

Cindy Warren
Great Granddaughter of JS Elder
Great Niece of Margaret Haines, Orphan Train Rider


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