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This is a weekly blogging theme from Geneabloggers.

The questions suggested for this week's theme are:
Describe the house in which you grew up. Was it big or small? What made it unique? Is it still there today?

The house I grew up in - the one I have the fondest memories of - was at 9001 Bailey Road in Little Rock.

It was a modest house by today's standards - 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, and hardwood floors.

I don't remember how long we lived there before my mother decided the hardwood needed to be covered up with carpet.

My dad was a brick mason, and we had the neatest screened in porch where the simple patio once was, with a brick barbeque. There was a clothesline in the backyard - the very same clothesline where my little sisters and I destroyed a couple of handmade quilts we used to make tents back there. Dad built a decorative brick wall around the yard.

We lived almost at the end of our street. In the summer when school was out, we played outside all day long, only coming in long enough to get sandwiches for lunch, and then staying out until the street lights came on.

It was a street where kids could play.

It was the street where I had my first - and worst - bike wreck. But I won the race before I hit that parked car.

This is a Google Earth photo of my house, taken in September 2010...


Actually, it's what used to be my house.

When I was 12, we had to move to make way for Interstate 630 to come through.

They called it progress.
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