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My step-mother has some interesting twists and turns in her side of the family tree.

One branch is the Grooms. I've documented them back to patriarch Abraham Grooms, born in 1740 in Gunpowder Falls, MD. Abraham married Margaret Satterfield in 1770 in West Virginia, and they removed to Adams Co., OH before 1830.

Through Abraham and his sons, I've pretty much decided there were only three four male names that existed in the United States in the 18th and 19th century...Abraham, Zacariah, Abraham Zacariah, and Zacariah Abraham.


On the bright side, in Generation #2, they threw in William, and Thomas, making for more fun. (The Hayslips had married into the Grooms family in Virginia, and migrated to Ohio with them.)

They were fertile enough to supply Groomses for intermarriage in Generations 3 and 4, as well as marrying their Satterfield cousins.

Can you tell I'm having fun?


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