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2011-02-14 06:52 pm
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Grandma gets on the typewriter...

I hauled out my big honking plastic file box tonight to get into my Balding/Chapin/Parrish hard file.

I needed to make sure I had scanned all the prints sent to me by another Parrish researcher and cousin who discovered my family tree on Rootsweb in 2009.

I had, and they will be in the next post.

But while I was in it, I found a document of dates of death for Baldings/Chapins/Parrishes written by my grandmother, Doris Balding Williams, probably shortly after the death of her brother, Gene, in 1980. She may have been transcribing her own mother's entries in her Bible.


That was unusual for her. Pretty much everything I've seen written by Grandma was in her careful (and always legible) longhand.

What was not unusual was the editorial comment she made in her list of family members and dates of their deaths.


Now, she had to know someone would find this.

And keep it.

And look at it, and laugh out loud...

See you on the other side, Grandma...
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2011-02-14 07:16 pm

Photo Post: Parrish

Daniel Broder Parrish (1848-1919) was an older brother of Eada Belle Parrish, my g-g-grandmother. I think Eada may have been one of his favorite sisters, because he named one of his daughters for her. Daniel married Susan E Mailor on 17 Nov 1880.


Martha Ellen Parrish (1844-1898) was one of Eada's older sisters. She married James Lafayette Truitt about 1865.

Leander Hamilton Parrish (1854-1932) was another of Eada's older brothers, and is pictured here with his first wife, Elizabeth Katherine Wilkerson.