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2010-12-15 10:13 am
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Okay, it's on the way

I couldn't find a bad review on it.

They are all raves.

So, it's on its way to the cottage.

Mobile Scanning | flip-pal.com

Once it gets here, I have a couple of places to take it immediately.

Disclaimer: No they are not paying me, I'm paying them...
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2010-12-15 06:35 pm

Treasure Chest Thursday: Russellville, Pope Co., AR, about 1920


Front row, left to right
Walter Homer Burris, 1887-1974
Ernest Arthur Burris, 1880-1952
Ottis Gileston Burris, 1893-1979

Back row, left to right
George Washington Burris, Sr., 1856-1929
Mary Mathilda (Wharton) Burris, 1859-1938
Richard Benjamin Burris, 1878-1944
George Washington Burris, Jr., 1890-1974
Dora Emma (Burris) Crites, 1885-1982

The George W Burrises had moved from the farm to town. My grandfather (back row, second from right) would shortly be on his way to the Panama Canal Zone.