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In 2011, I wrote this entry about another of James Littleton Burris' children from outside his marriage to Adaline Ashmore.

Nancy Elizabeth Burris Jones, the eldest of the surviving children of James Littleton Burris and Adaline Ashmore, had her younger brother, Irving, living with her in the 1880 census in Conway County.

She knew he was her brother. But she didn't know where his parents were born.

Sure she didn't. She was - reluctantly or otherwise - part of the conspiracy of silence surrounding her father's infidelity.
We have already established that James Littleton Burris had a relationship of many years standing with Martha Vick.

I've documented five children born to them.

But could there have been a sixth? Was little 8 year-old Irving one of their children?

I now believe the answer is yes.
After a renewed search this week, I think I found the sixth child of Martha Vick and James Littleton Burris.

His name was Ervin D Burris. His Find a Grave memorial says he was born on 3 Jun 1871.

That causes a conflict with the birthdate of a presumed (my presumption) brother - Benjamin Flemons "Flem" Hill. (Most of Martha's children took the surname Hill, even though Martha Vick's husband, William J Hill, had not been living with her since she began bearing James Littleton Burris' children.)

Flem Hill's Find a Grave memorial says he was born in 1871 also.

Unless Flem Hill and Ervin Burris were twins, that is unlikely.

So I looked at the 1900 census for Flem Hill, who was living in Wilson Twp, Yell Co., AR.

Census enumerators asked you how old you were on your last birthday. In the 1900 census, they asked for the month of your birth.

In this census taken on 21 Jun 1900, Flem Hill said he was 27 on his last birthday, and his birth month was August.

So he was born Aug 1872 - not 1871.

Which would make him the younger brother of Ervin D Burris, who obviously kept that Burris surname all his life. The oldest of the Vick/Burris brothers had tried to keep the Burris surname, up to 1888, when he married for the first time.

After all, he was James Littleton Burris, Jr. - later, James L Hill - and he knew it.
A couple of other Burris researchers have picked up on Irving Burris living with his big sister, Nancy Burris, in 1880.

And they have made him the son of James Littleton Burris and Adaline Ashmore in their family trees.

Because they don't know that the last child born to James and Adaline was Richard Burris, on 9 Apr 1868 on Isbell Creek.

And that when James had his first son with Martha Vick - James Littleton,Jr., - almost a year to the day later on 8 Apr 1869...

Well, Adaline was just done.

Date: 2015-02-14 04:34 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] rainbow
i wonder how adaline and martha got along. i'd think they must have, if the children considered each other siblings.

why did james l. jr change his name back to hill?

Ervin D Burris

Date: 2016-03-01 11:14 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
This is interesting. Ervin D Burris is my great great grand-father. My grandmother recently did the DNA test for me and I am so curious now to see if I can shed some light on this mystery. Thank you so much for the info. Like I needed another reason to obsess over my family tree search.

Re: Ervin D Burris

Date: 2016-03-02 12:41 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I am sorry I just cannot seem to find your email address. You can email me at Thanks so much!

Re: Ervin D Burris

Date: 2016-03-10 05:40 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I just started Burris family earlier this week for my very best friend of almost 30 years. Ervin is also her great great grand father. Her great grandmother was his daughter Willie Mae.
So Ervin is NOT a child of James Littleton Burris and Elizabeth Adeline Ashmore??

Re: Ervin D Burris

Date: 2016-03-10 11:54 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
That is a very good point. So who was Nancy's mother? Dee I sent you an email last night, it'll be from


Date: 2016-03-01 11:37 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'm looking for your email address :/


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