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Note to Son

I think you already know this about me, and accept it. You know me pretty well.

I live a very simple life. On purpose. A lot of people don't "get that" about me, and assume I would should want to "do better."

I've lived in a 16' X 60" single wide mobile home for nearly 20 years. That's 960 square feet in two bedrooms. I own the home free and clear, and rent the lot.

And the answer to the curious is yes, I can afford to live in a larger home - even a larger, newer mobile home. On my own property.

But I don't want to. I love my home. There are so many wonderful memories here - of all the people who have found shelter here...either for an extended period of time, or very briefly. My garden has matured in nearly 20 years, and gives me limitless joy.

I believe there is value in growing where I'm planted.
Sometimes, I know by the looks on their faces that I am grinning at the questions I get - and offers.

Of a used but much more recent model of some household appliance. Most often, it's for a clothes dryer, since I haven't had used one for the past 4 years.

At first, I liked the savings on my electric bill. Then, I fell in love again with the smell of laundry hung out in the sun.

Then, I embraced the gift from the universe - a freely available way to provide for myself. Not just drying the laundry, but spending time outside with nature. (Yes, when it's rainy or 20 degrees, I hang the laundry in the house.)
I've also been offered refrigerators and TVs.

The fridge came with the house. It works just fine. The washing machine moved in with me. It also works just fine. I have done dishes by hand for most all of my adult life, and it hasn't killed me yet. It would be ridiculous to give up counter space for a dishwasher.

I only recently bought a 23" flat screen TV and got rid of my bulkier, 6 year old analog model. Even then, people wondered why I hadn't gotten a larger one.

I don't need a larger TV. Or more than one.

And the digital antenna is fine - I don't need cable, Uverse or satellite.

As I have gotten older, less is more. Simplicity frees me up to spend time on the important stuff.

Remember, son...whatever it is - it has to last me 20 years.

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