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I have a death certificate for an African American woman who died in 1941 in Chicot Co., AR. The certificate says she was buried at Mt. Grove Cemetery, most probably in Chicot County because the funeral home was also located in Chicot County.

There is no modern day Mt. Grove Cemetery in Chicot County. I've found the following cemeteries in Chicot County with the word "Grove" in them:
Holly Grove, Holly Grove Number 1 and Holly Grove Number 2.

Holly Grove Number 2 appears to be an African American Cemetery, and has very few interments listed on Find a Grave.

Any thoughts or suggestions? The nearest Mt Grove Cemetery is Mountain Grove Cemetery (African American) in Faulkner Co, and given the distance, I just don't think that's it. This was a family of modest means.

Re: Mystery Cemetery

Date: 2013-09-18 10:07 pm (UTC)
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I think that writing to the local churches is a great idea. Also, if a cemetery was moved, closed, or renamed, would there be any record of that in places like the minutes of the city council meetings, or the paper, or some other official source?


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