Date: 2012-11-28 07:59 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] rainbow
I'm not much of a blogger :/ I get lost and distracted too easily.

One mystery I'd love to solve is the death of one of my great-grandfathers. His youngest son, a half brother to a grandfather I never met (I'm not sure my father, who I met only once, ever met his father; his parents divorced when he was an infant).

According to my great-granduncle, his father was drunk one day and drowned in a creek that ran past his property. It would have been in the early 30s.

He's not buried with his wife, who died in the teens. Duval Co, FL, has *no record* of his death.

My g-gu lost contact with all his step-siblings as a small child; his father threw him and his mother out one day when he was three.

I've searched all sorts of records in case his mother had been romancing, but so far as I could find when I had an membership, no William Hoyt born circa 1877 died in Jacksonville.

The other kids are all dead now and I haven't been able to locate their kids.

It's one of my two "most wanted" mysteries. (The other is what happened to my Brennan ggfather's twin sister. Cousin John's records did record that Ed had a twin sister, but not whether she came to the US or stayed in Canada.)

I love searching these things out! <3
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