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I have no idea if she will come to the same conclusion or not. I've had no follow-up from her after my last reply last night.

And the letters are very cool. Phonetic spelling and all.

Here's the transcription:

State of Misoury, indepencence Jackson Co
to C. M. Callaway
this the 3rd day of aprile 1849

I favor this oppirtunity of dropping you a few lines to let you know that I am well at present and hopeing that these few lines may find you all well. Our company is all in good health at present and in high spirits. We are now in campt about two miles from town and arrived at memphis on the tenth of March and left there bound for St. Lewis on the stemer mameduke and arrived at St. Lewis on the 25th of March and left on the 26th of March on the stemer St. ange bound for independence. we arrived at independence on the 30th of March and on the third of March Some time in the knight Mr. hooper was taken with the Collerry, and by twelve Oclock next day he was ded. we was at that time encampt down at the river. we are now encampt about two miles South of town and about four or five Miles from the river at a verry healthy place. I donot think that we will bee here more than ten days. it dependes on the grass. I have not adobt but what we will in two years returnes if we leave with just as much gold as we want. there is two or three men went from this place and have writen back that they are getting rich verry fast. one of the men Sold his waggon and three yoke of oxen for $1000 and was offered twelve hundred dollars for another but refused. this man I sopose can bee relyde uppon he says that there was two men got forty lbs in one day out of one hold. I soppose that the California gold is as good as it is presented. No kind of doubt about it.

to C. M Callawy
by Reuben Son

State of Missoury Jackson County
this May the 2th 1849

to C. M. Callaway
I favor this oppertunity of informing you that I am well at present. I have nothing of importance to write you. Wee have the measels in our camps. They are all getting well. I had them but I have got as stout as ever. I was taken in a day or two. After I wrote my other letter to you when I wrote to you before we were incampt in about two miles from town. We have since moved about ten miles from town. I think our next move will bee for Calafor-nia. We will get off next Monday or Tuesday. We have ten waggons and thirty eight yokes of oxen. We will get two more yoke and have four yoke to the waggon. Our oxen cost from forty to fifty dollars a yoke. Hillary received a letter yesterday that there was stateing snow there on the fifteenth and frost on the sixteenth of aprile. We had snow on the thirteenth and yeasterday we had ice aplenty and to day is a prety warm day. We have had some verry coald days. We get no news from Calafornia but what is verry encourageing there are some men went from this state and have writen back to there friends to come. They say there is goald enough for all that will come and there is a great menny agoing. There are men from all parts of the world. All mostly agoing here are a great many agaoing from this place. We can get a much company as we want and I am a fraid the greatest difuculty that there will bee to many. I would not take nothing les than fifty thousand dollars for my chance. I expect this will be the laste time I will write to you untill I get to Calafornia. I will write to you as soon as I get there and let you know where to direct your leters and then I want you to rite to me and let mee know how matters and things are. I think by the time we get there wee can get news every month. You must excuse my bad spelling for there is such a noise and talking to me I hardly now what I am writing. With this remarks I will close.
Reuben Son

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