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Sepia Saturday: Virgie Bliss and baby...

From Aunt Ruth's scrapbook...

Ruth and her family took a trip to Oakland, CA in 1926.

I don't know if they knew Virginia Bliss or not, but Ruth snapped a photo of Virginia and her baby anyway.

Caption reads, "Virgie Bliss and baby."

From a quick check of the 1930 census, I found Virginia Bliss (born about 1903), wife of James Bliss, living with her husband, 3 1/2 year old daughter, Frances E., and 24 year old brother-in-law, Adam, in Oakland, Alameda Co., CA.

I'll haunt the Ancestry trees to see if I can find descendants to offer them a scan.

Probably will upload to Dead Fred if I can determine if no one in the photo is still living.

If you are related, just right click and save...
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i'm having one of those low brain days where pointing and clicking is fun and mindless, so I took a peek around online in case i could find anything helpful. at the calif birth index, an elizabeth frances bliss was born in alameda county on 8 may 1926, mother's maiden name thorp. there's a calif death record for virginia bliss born 1 dec 1902 in arkansas, died 12 Sep 1974 in sonoma.

looking at 1920, there's a viola v thorp in big bottom, independence, arkansas, daughter of green e and mary e thorp. siblings are brother virgil 16 and sister ruby 14.

i'm about certain this is the same family in 1910, very badly transcribed. (same location, same 3 youngest children).

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thank you!

i have SO MANY brick walls; looking up things were i can find answers or potential answers so quickly always gives me the squee. :)

i just found a death for james that i think is a match: James H Bliss
California, Death Index, 1940-1997
birth: 13 Jun 1899 Tennessee
death: 06 Jan 1965 Sonoma,​ California,​ United States
parents: Dalby (mother's maiden name, probably)

and that led me to this:
"United States Census, 1920," James H Bliss in household of James H Bliss, , Pulaski, Arkansas
Name: James H Bliss
Residence: , Pulaski, Arkansas
Estimated Birth Year: 1899
Age: 21
Birthplace: Tennessee
Relationship to Head of Household: Son
Gender: Male
Race: White
Marital Status: Single
Father's Birthplace:
Mother's Birthplace:
Film Number: 1820079
Digital Folder Number: 4293679
Image Number: 00033
Sheet Number: 14
Household Gender Age Birthplace
SELF James H Bliss M 46y Arkansas
WIFE Frances Bliss F 45y Tennessee (Dalby?)
SON Stanley Bliss M 24y Tennessee
SON James H Bliss M 21y Tennessee
SON Leon Bliss M 16y Arkansas

eta: there's a family tree that lists viola's father as "Green Elijah Thorp"

there are only the youngest 3 children listed, and of those only a death year for virgil, so it might be someone on his line who did the tree.
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same thorps 1900? looks like 1900 and 1910 george elijah goes by something like "poley", but the kids all line up.

and just in case any of the other names are helpful pointers, i found an infant daughter of lizzie and g.e. here: with other tharps, but g.e. and lizzie aren't there.

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i wonder if they knew each other in arkansas; was any of your family in big bottom or pulaski? Perhaps one of virgie's siblings/cousins/etc married into a line related to you, or maybe she and ruth attended the same school or church at some point and were friends?

it would have been nice if aunt ruth mentioned it with the pics! *g* i do love virgie's stroller <3

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I hope Virgie and her baby are reunited with their family :-) She looks like a very happy Mum :-) Jo

Sepia Saturday

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That’s a lovely photo and smart looking pram.