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For the longest time, I thought perhaps William Tuttle Parrish was a brother to my great-great grandmother, Eada Belle Parrish, but I could not connect the dots.

According to the 1900 census of Lake, Vernon Co., MO, William T Parrish was born in June 1850 in Kentucky. I also found him in the 1880 census, just five years or so after he married Sarah Hamlet Bridgewater on New Year's Eve in 1874 in Vernon County.

But I couldn't go back any farther with him, and certainly did not find him in the home of Eada's parents, Benjamin Abraham Yeager Parrish and Minerva Ann Hamilton, both of whom were also born in Kentucky, as were Abraham's parents.

When I received an email contact from a Parrish researcher, who was descended from the father of Sarah Hamlet Bridgewater, I made another stab at trying to identify the parents of William T Parrish, and also to find his date of death, which I have placed between 1900 and 1910 in Vernon Co., MO.

I couldn't find a death record on him at the Missouri SOS State Archive, but I did find out what his middle name was.

From his the death certificate of his daughter, Cinderella H E Parrish Walker, who died on 1 Jul 1930 in Vernon County.

Tuttle. He was William Tuttle Parrish.

And that led me to a set of possible parents - William Allen Parrish (1819-1883, Clark Co., KY) and Katherine Tuttle (1819-1908, Clark Co., KY).

They had an infant son, William, in the 1850 census, and also in their home in the 1860 and 1870 censuses. Their William was not in their home in 1880.
So now, it's on to contact some of the William Allen Parrish family researchers to see if we may have a match.

None of them have information about William Parrish after he left his parental home.
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